Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 to 2010

2009 has been a good year for me. I PR’d a lot of races but that was expected since I started training more (due to having more time and recovering from my wreck). I set a PR for the half marathon, 10k and 5k. I also PR’d most of the triathlons I entered but I never made it to a podium finish. 4th place in my age group was common this year. I think I raced in more triathlons in a year than I ever have. My wife and I volunteered at IMCDA and I signed up the next day for 2010. I made it to the 2 year mark since I was hit on my bike, one year anniversary at my job and of course a wonderful first year anniversary with my beautiful wife, Cathlene. I had another shot at Longhorn 70.3 where I did the bike portion of the relay. As Jason Lester would say, 2009 was “epic”…. But I’m thinking 2010 will be more than “EPIC”. I won’t be competing in as many races this year but with Ironman as my focus I won’t have time for many. I am giving it all I’ve got these next 6 months. Ironman will fulfill this empty space lurking around me, it will give me back something I believe was lost in 2007, it will somewhat, finish what I started…..?

Monday, December 7, 2009

My thoughts on Newton Sir Isaac Guidance Trainers

I had been reading about these shoes for quite some time. I have always wanted to try them out but couldn’t bring myself to first off, spend the money and second, why change when my current shoes work just fine. I have run in Asics since I first started running and most of the time these have been the Nimbus models. I tried out the Nike Frees when they first came out and bought some Pearl Izumi’s when they hit the running scene. The only other shoes I wear consistently are my Zoots. Any race 10k or shorter I wear Zoots. Other than that I have always gone back to the Nimbus.

I went to Lukes Locker planning on trying out a pair of Newtons but most likely buying another pair of Nimbus. The salesperson talked me in to trying out the sir isaac’s and after watching me run and looking at the wear on my old shoes he said I would have no problem with these shoes since I already run forefoot. He said it was the other Newton shoes with larger lugs that would need the 25 mile break-in period but not these. So after confirming they would honor the 30 return policy, I purchased and took them on my first run.

They felt awesome in the store and good through the first mile. After mile one I started to experience pain in both arches and by the end of the run my arches were burning with the feeling of pins and needles. I was ready to take them back the first day but decided I would try them out a few more times just to see if anything got better. Well, after a few more runs and a total of about 12 miles I decided I had enough and returned them. My experience with arch pain at first and later pain on the top of my foot made it an easy decision.

It seems that people who try them out either love them or hate them and I am a far cry from loving them. I think if you want to run forefoot, learn to do it properly without being forced to run this way. As far as these shoes promoting more of a barefoot style of running,, last time I checked I didn’t have lugs under the ball of my feet. With the exception of very few, most fast runners are not running in Newtons. For example: The salesperson who originally sold me the Newtons was talking about how he has had trouble breaking 4 hours in the marathon. He loves the shoes and talked about how much faster you could run with them. The other salesperson that I returned the Newtons to doesn’t like them and runs in simple racing flats. He said he is always skeptical of any shoe that claims to make you run faster or with better form. He ran the Rodeo Run 10k this year in 32:43 (5:15 pace). I found this interesting.

If they work for you that's great. But they aren't for everyone.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

quick update

Ive been slacking on keeping the blog updated so here is a quick update on my training a such...

I am still following my training plan from pretty well except for this week. (around 1 more month until I begin the ZenTri program!)During Thanksgiving I took a few days off. Lots of family came in and it was my birthday on the 23rd. Cathlene bought me a underwater ipod housing and headphones (h2o audio). I cant wait to try them out.

I also bought some Newton Sir Isaac shoes and so far hate them. I ran 6 miles in them yesterday and 2 today. They put a lot of strain on my arches. I naturally run forefoot and I was told that I would adjust right to them because of this. I have the Dallas half marathon in two weeks and really wanted to run in a newer pair of shoes for this race. I will give these shoes the rest of the week and see if my arches get any better. If not Im going back to my Asics Nimbus. They have never let me down... If it aint broke, dont fix it... yeah yeah but with all the hype Newtons have I just HAD to try them.

Recently started getting deep tissue and ART massage from an Athletic Trainer that Cathlene is friends with. My ITBand is feeling a bit better from this. I will probably go a few more times and then just "as needed".. I think its helping my ITBS... My recent longer runs have been a lot better. I have still been occasionally taping my ITB with KT tape,. Seems to help more on the bike though.

I ran a local 5 mile trail run in my home town and got 2nd overall. Not a ton of people entered into the race but it was a fun fast training run.
ran the Houston Sheltering Arms 3 mile turkey trot in 20:22 ~6:52 pace. Ended up 5th in my age group and 67th overall.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yield to Life

Check out the website Yield to Life. I sent my story to them last year and they have posted it on their website along with others who have been hit by vehicles while riding. This is a big step in a good direction and means a lot to me. Its hard to explain to people why I would rather ride my trainer than ride with traffic,,, actually its pretty easy to explain but I guess hard for people to understand. Still after 2 years I get nervous when I hear a vehicle or see one coming at me or stopped at an intersection.

On the other hand, Brett from ZenTriathlon posted a sketch I sent to him featuring some bad ass zen/chuck norris style face kicking moves I could have with a Zen Tri tattoo on the bottom of my foot. Pretty good stuff. Check it out. ZenTri

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Week 2

Today ends week two of training for me. I found a 36 week training plan at that im using until January. Starting in January, Brett from Zentri is supposed to start coaching me. Until then I'm going "mostly" off the trifuel plan. Ive been following it really well except for the swimming part. I haven't started swimming yet but plan on easing into it. I'm throwing a few extra runs in the mix to help prepare for the few half marathons I have coming up. Today I have a 35 min bike followed by a 55 min run. This should give me close to 8 hours for the week and a total of 15 to 16 hours for the first 2 weeks.

I ran in the Great Pumpkin 5K yesterday morning. I was hoping to put out a PR but came up pretty short. I started out way too fast and barely held my last mile under 8 mins. Finished 14th in my age group with a time of 22:25, 7:14 pace.

Last week I rode the bike for the relay portion of the Longhorn 70.3. This was the race I was training for when I had my wreck. I had a lot of emotions going into this race/ride.. brought back a lot of memories.
I ended up doing better than I thought I would. I just wanted to see how well I could do at the start of my training. I have never ridden this far and this would really be a test on my neck. Around mile 35 is where I started feeling the neck pain. I toughed it out and finished the 56 miles in 2 hours 56 mins, 19 MPH average... I'm really happy about my results and know with more time in the saddle/in the aero bars to get my neck used to the pain, I can do 112 miles..

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Refusing Mediocrity

One of my receiver coaches in high school always yelled... "Don't be mediocre Webb!".. "Just because your white, doesn't mean you run slow! I need more SPEED!" He was all about speed. No matter what you were doing, it was never fast enough. He would say the same thing when I pole vaulted... "You gotta run faster Webb!".

There is always room for improvement. ALWAYS. I refuse to be complacent, refuse to be mediocre. This goes for everything in my life. Who wants to be average. Push yourself beyond what you think you can handle. Be something great. Do something great. Be the best at what you do.

I vacuumed the HELL outa our carpet the other day! That day, I was the baddest, most efficient, fastest vacuumer that ever walked this earth!
I will not settle for less. I will work at becoming the best at everything I am or do. Life is short and precious, it can be taken from you in an instant. I don't want to be average in my life, I don't want to be mediocre...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Living/Dealing With ITBS

I have dealt with ITBS (Iliotibial band syndrome) since I ran my first half marathon in 2005. I did it to myself. I know it’s my fault I have ITBS. It probably could have been prevented if I wasn’t so hard headed. ITBS is very painful and only gets worse when you try to run through the pain. It can bring you to tears. What’s worse is when you really want to run and every step is painful, like a knife is stuck in your knee. Nothing is broke, it doesn’t bleed, and you can’t see what’s hurting or why it’s hurting. It doesn’t look like it should hurt so why does it hurt when I want to run!

I am definitely no expert but I have read a lot about the Iliotibial band and have seen Drs and been to PT since 2005. The Iliotibal band runs along the outside of your leg basically from the hip to just past the knee. The pain is usually located at the outside of the knee but can sometimes develop at the hip. My pain is at the knee(s). From my understanding the pain comes when the ITB rubs across the (inflamed) bursa at the knee. This is why it doesn’t hurt when you first start running but slowly becomes inflamed and the pain becomes worse the more the ITB rubs back and forth over the bursa. For me, when my ITB is aggravated, I can make it hurt by bending my knee slightly and leaning forward as if I am in a slow motion run or pushing off with the back leg. Going down stairs or down a hill is painful as well. I have learned to try and not bend my knee past a certain point when it is inflamed.

So back to how I was blessed with ITBS.. My sister had run her first marathon and I was told I couldn’t ever run that far. Wrong thing to say to me. I have always been active and ran occasionally but never consistently so I decided to run the Houston half marathon to prove people wrong. I ran “consistently” for about a week prior to the half and finished right at 2 hours. After that I had this ache in the outside of my knee but I had just run 13.1 miles so I figured it was supposed to hurt. I ran a few 5ks and one 10k that summer and signed up for the San Antonio Marathon in Nov. Again I didn’t really train and ran it with my sister finishing in 5:21. My knee was starting to feel a lot worse but I ignored it and ran the next Houston Marathon (Jan 06) with my sister again. Finished in 4:54.. After this I wanted to actually start running and training for other races but my knee was killing me. I finally went to the Dr and he told me I had developed ITBS. Obviously from running too many miles without training. I had a cortisone shot and was sent on my way. I was also prescribed a z-pack later that year. That summer I ran a few short races and signed up for SA and Houston Marathon. I bought an ITB strap to help with the pain while running. I trained a little bit more that year and finished SA in 4:13:09 with my ITB killing me. Ran Houston that next January and had to walk most of the last 6 miles finishing in 4:49… This is when it hit me that ITBS SUCKS and you really can’t run through the pain and just deal with it like my Dr. said (yeah, he actually told me to just push through it,, he also thought I was an idiot for running that far). That was my last marathon (Jan 07). I ended up with ITBS in BOTH knees.

That year I went back to my ortho and he sent me to PT. I couldn’t touch my toes the first day of PT and by the time I left I was able to fully grab them. PT consisted of stretching, weights, ice, massage and ultrasound. I started using biofreeze (like icy hot) on my runs and always stretched and iced after each run. Stretching included rolling on a foam roller. (now I have a foam roller, TP Quadballer/roller, The Stick, and I use my Indo Board roller because it is made of hard plastic and doesn’t give at all. I got used to the foam). The PT thought the problem was from an imbalance in my hips/glutes and that I needed to strengthen my legs and core along with tons of stretching. This is one reason I like the weight room. I truly feel that strengthening my legs helps with my ITB. But I also make sure I stretch a lot. I have read that the ITB itself cannot be stretched but for some reason it feels a lot better getting a good stretch on the outside of my leg. My favorite stretch is sitting down with one leg straight out in front, the other crossed over with my foot on the ground beside my knee. Then I try to touch my toes and get a good stretch on the outside of my leg. (hopefully this makes sense). During therapy I had stopped running and took a few weeks off. I would swim and ride during this time to maintain my fitness. Sometimes riding aggravates it too but not near as bad as running. I slowly started back to running and always made myself stop when just a little bit of pain started. I made sure I didn’t run on any cambered roads and if I ran at the track I would change direction every 2 laps. The ITB strap would help me finish some longer runs. I would carry it with me and if I started to feel pain I would strap it on. It seemed to help but definitely didn’t cure the problem. I was starting to get control of it and then I had my bicycle wreck and had a mandatory 3 months of no running. I guess a good thing about breaking my neck and shoulder is my ITB got some needed rest.

I still deal with ITBS. It will go away for months at a time then I will do something that aggravates it. My last big flare up was after my wedding (Oct 08).. I got too jiggy wit it on the dance floor (seriously). Then there was this last January when we were moving into our townhome with stairs. So it’s usually stupid things that aggravate it. I stretch, roll, sometimes use “the stick” and ice after EVERY run. I stretch every chance I get. I incorporate weights in my training with lots of leg press and squats. When it starts to flare up during a run I shorten my stride and try not to bend my knee as much. This works pretty good to finish out a run. I recently tried Kinesio tape / KT tape. I didn’t have great results but I plan on experimenting with it to see if any different technique or just adjusting the tape a bit works. The tape is way more comfortable than the strap so if I can get any relief with it I will use it. I am lucky enough to have an Athletic Trainer as my wife so I’m able to use her whirlpool for ice baths and sometimes use her ultrasound machine. It is possible to live with ITBS. You just have to know your limits and know when to stop or cut back your running.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

What its like??

I took the footage I captured from IMCDA this year and edited it to look more like the actual chaos I saw on race day. As a volunteer/spectator it flew by so fast and I can only imagine how it is for competitors. The song seems to fit perfectly.

Ironman CDA 2009 Chaos from Gusano on Vimeo.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Training Begins

I started training this week. I got in a few short rides on my new bike. Had to take the bike back to the shop to get the aero bars shifted out a bit. It was killing my shoulder being in the aero position for too long. They stretched me out a good bit and now its awesome. Its crazy how just a few small adjustments on the bike can change how good the ride is... A good bike fit is not over-rated. I asked them about my feet going numb so they adjusted my cleats but my right little toes are still going numb after a hard ride. They said my shoes are too small. Damn! That was not in the budget... I really like my shoes and they freaking match (haha). okok I did not just say my shoes matched my bike. . So depending on how training goes I may be looking at buying some shoes in the future.

I also started lifting pretty hard this week.. Pretty hard=freaking super stupid hard.. The first day I worked out my legs with a little bit of arms mixed in. Then finished with 1 mile on the treadmill. I could barely walk the next day.. I worked out my arms that next day and mixed in some leg extensions to get blood flowing in my legs. Finished off with 1 mile on the treadmill. OMG the next day I really couldnt walk and my arms wouldnt straighten out and look normal when walking.. Cathlene gave me an awesome massage to work out some of the soreness. DOMS she calls it, Delayed onset muscle soreness. So today Im feeling a lot better and can actually walk pretty normal. Im going for a run with my sister on the trails at Memorial Park. Plan on running 6 this morning an then when Cathlene gets off we are all going on a ride. Not sure how far but it should be fun. PEACE! (oh and Im finally registered for the Longhorn 70.3 RELAY.. bike portion for me, we are The Craptastic 4 thanks to Philip)

This is me on the right.. (dont judge me)

Friday, August 28, 2009

My Orbea Ora

So here she is... On the way home and when I got her in the house to meet my other baby, Elle..

I went in to Tri On The Run in Houston to pick up my new bike and get fitted. They spent a lot of time with me making sure it was all set up right. Told me that my shoes may be too small for me in the toe box. My little toe on my right foot goes numb when riding. Its not as bad as it used to be but it still goes a little numb. But yeah Tri On The Run is the bombdiggity. I am a very happy customer.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Max HR 211!

So on my way home from work today I decided that I needed to go for a run. Taped my knee with KT tape (Kinesio tape for my ITBS,, use it for my neck too but that's all another story), Put on my CEP socks grabbed the garmin 305, ipod, shoes, running clothes,,,anyways I was planning on doing my normal 4 mile loop around the neighborhood. It wasn't really hot when I started (90 degrees 95 heat index)well,, it could be hotter. At 0.8 miles I had to stop at a light, wait for cars, then take off again. When I took off running again I felt my heart rate skyrocket and got the light headed feeling I usually get when my HR goes out of control. I looked at my watch to see my heart rate... It was floating above 200 and hit 211. I immediately stopped running and started walking. After about 30 seconds I had it under control and around 170bpm. I was able to finish my run but just slower than I really wanted to. I concentrated on taking deep breathes and not pushing myself too hard when my HR got high.

This is nothing really abnormal for me. I have had occurrences for a long time. I remember having this happen to me in football practice after running a route. I always thought it was my pads too tight on my chest. I never told anyone about it. They wouldn't believe me anyway. Football practice wasn't suppose to be easy,, so I kept my mouth shut. It would always happen after sprinting.. Looking back it seemed to occur more during football than baseball but I did have some instances during a baseball game or practice. After high school they didn't happen near as much,, but started again when I started playing softball. Very rarely did it happen when going out for a normal run/jog. I think it was last year during my nephews baseball practice did I actually have it happen with a HR monitor on. I used to coach his team and I would sometimes run before practice. This day I had ran and left the monitor on. I was helping shag balls and felt my heart rate increase. I looked at the monitor and it was floating above 200bpm. I told Cathlene and she thought I should bring it up to my doctor.

My doctor didn't seem to be very concerned about the high heart rate. He said it was a type of tachycardia or something like that. He wanted me to wear a monitor to catch the rhythm or something but it would only last for a few days and I would have to try and make my HR skyrocket.. I couldn't figure out how to "make" it happen and it happened only about once a month so I decided to just let it be. I can pretty much control it once it happens,,, just breath deep and relax. It is scary when it happens though... It has been a few months since the last time. The doctor didn't seem to be worried so neither will I.. Now if it starts happening all the time I am sure I will be seeing someone again.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to training?? Well...

I'm still not back to training. I plan on starting soon but I haven't set a date yet. For sure doing something by next week. Maybe when I get my bike... Ive done some pushups lately though. Does that count?
I want to start out doing a lot of weight lifting. I wanna get strong. cock strong.. haha. I figure Ill concentrate on lifting for a few weeks and then spend a good bit on the bike and running. I have a few half marathons this winter that I plan on running (Dallas Whiterock, Houston, Austin). During all of this I need to work on my swimming. I suck at swimming. I used to love going to the pool but here lately I hate it. I think because I really don't see any improvements. Ive swam the same pace for years. Oh yeah I keep forgetting about Longhorn HIM.. I gotta do the bike.. I still gotta sign up though..
So anyways,,, Ill get to that training soon enough.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New bike

So I finally ordered my new bike. Now I just hope they can get one in my size. Its a 2010 Orbea Ora TLE. Couldnt be a more perfect day to order. 2 years since my accident.

Today has been a rough but good day. I suppose every August 18th will be this way. Alot of thoughts run through my head. Its been like that for the past few days. We finished off tonight eating at the Cheesecake Factory. Its been a good day,, much better than 2 years ago... Im super excited about competing in Ironman next year. This race means a whole ton of alot to me. I will ROCK CDA!

Random thoughts/Athletic career

Sometimes when you’re expecting a fastball life throws you an outside curve ball. So you do whats expected of a good player,, you see the spin of the ball, determine where it will break over the plate and take that SOB opposite field.

You can always describe life as if it were a baseball game. I love baseball. I played as long as any team would let me. I didn’t try to play in college so high school is as far as I went. Then I started playing slow pitch softball. Its just not the same though. Now I randomly play softball since I am more focused on triathlon training. I was a pretty decent ball player. I could play almost every position. Our high school team sucked. We were more focused on football. We were bad ass in football. Football was exciting and fun. There was nothing like a Friday night football game. I wanted to quit so many times but Friday would come around and make everything much better. We were top ranked in the state my senior year but crapped out in the first round of playoffs. We went 10-0 in regular season that year. I was a receiver. I also pole vaulted. I still have the school record at 13’6”. Got 6th place in regionals my junior year. I won every meet I entered in my senior year. I broke a pole once. I missed the mat a few times. At district I was disqualified after winning for looking at the video camera between runs. My coach never told me this was illegal. For 4 years I didn’t know (until the kids coach who didnt make it to regionals had a fit said something about it). I got track athlete of the year my senior year.. I walked on in college and vaulted for a bit…. Then I found running and now triathlon.. Im competitive and love sports.. And yeah I like baseball and the way it can describe life.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why does the neck hurt?

Just recently, my neck has started bothering me a lot more than usual... The only thing Ive done different is NOT train. Maybe I need to get started back to running or something.
Maybe its all in my head.. 5 days until exactly 2 years since the wreck. Been thinking a lot about it lately.

has an awesome idea for Ironman. If I get a disc wheel or aero helmet I'm gonna get this sticker put on it. What do you think? (crash dummy logo).
Maybe this can be an awareness campaign? DON'T RUN OVER CYCLISTS!
How about the word "ALIVE" across it.... hmmm

Monday, August 3, 2009

Rivercities Triathlon

Right after work I headed to Diboll, TX, to my parents house. We stayed the night there then Saturday morning got up drove to Cathlene's moms house (mother in law) picked her and her 2 boys up and drove to Shreveport, LA. We left Lufkin around 9am and got to Shreveport around 11:30. Made it to pick up the packet at the now "old" sportspectrum store. They were in the process of moving to a new store a couple of miles away. So this seemed pretty organized (packet pickup) until I was told "and now you need to drive to our new store and pick up your numbers"... WTF!! really, i mean really?? your trying to get me to visit the old store and then I have no choice but to visit the new store to get the rest of my packet so hopefully I will spend more money,,, i mean really...? I didn't spend anymore money at the new store but the old one had lots of shoes and stuff on sale so I did get new tri shorts and Cat got some zoot shoes! very nice!!.. So whatevea, I'm over that, I understand them making us visit both stores but still it was pretty crappy to split up the packet pickup.. onward to the race!..

The drive to the race site was about 33 minutes 24 seconds... google maps said it was around 45 minutes. guess they rounded up.... way up.. so we got to the park at 5:30am and waited in line with the other vehicles until 6 when the gates to the park opened up. by 5:45 there were about 50 to 100 cars lined up outside the park.. . now why cant they open up the park a tad bit earlier? just a little bit, so maybe we wouldn't all be sitting out on the main "small" highway,.. whatever though,,, onward to race site. oh yeah,, I drank Hornet Juice mixed with Gatorade on the drive there. Also had my CEP socks on!! booyaaa

Parked the truck and headed down to transition to find the open rack. (knew it was going to be open rack so I wanted to get there a little early). Found my rack! It was one of the few that was located in the grass!! and it flooded the day before! woohoo.. everyone else has the parking lot to set up transition... now to body mark.. first lady to actually mark my number over my scars. haha, i like to see peoples faces when I pull my sleeve up and they see the scars.. she was gangsta and wrote right over them though.. didn't even blink.. alright now to the swim...
I had plenty of time to get ready, which I like, .. I hate being in a rush.. So when it was my time to leave the family I was able to "shake n bake" with them all and give Cat a kiss and make it to the water where I waited to start. (shake n bake means to fist bump and say "shake n bake"!).. The announcer was annoying talking about Kid Rock and how cool/great he is..yada yada... He announced my wave to start but said the wrong color caps and wrong age.. With about 10 seconds until we started he finally got it right. then BOOM! the canon goes off and we are on our way. The swim was pretty good,. I thought I did really well. Only a few people hit and kicked me,, no biggie. Swam until my hands touched the sand, got up running to my bike...
swim = 0.5 mile 16:50 @ 2:07 pace...

T1 = 1:32.. nothing major.. long run to bike.

The bike went really well,. I was passed by a lot and also passed a few myself. I took one gel and drank water.. The bike course had a lot of rolling hills but nothing bad or really steep.
Bike = 18.6 miles 52:06 @ 21.4 MPH

T2 = 1:24 .. I came in with my feet out of my shoes, nailed the dismount, tried to go straight to my rack but this rude volunteer lady was in my way!! she wouldn't let me go to the rack, said I needed to go all the way around... I didn't understand this at first and the way transition was set up didn't really make sense to me because my rack was sooooo close yet sooo far away. I had a few words with her any ran on around the circle back to where I practically started.. This could have been communicated a lot better.. I guess they thought by making us go all the way around cut down on traffic but where my rack was located it did nothing... but piss me off and make my HR sky rocket..
Racked bike, put on shoes, grabbed hat and race belt and took off.

The first mile of the run was awesome, the temp was still good and I wasn't too hot,.. I ran a sub 7min mile and thought I was going to have an awesome 5k...... the second mile was slower and around 7:15.. I thought I picked up the pace the 3rd mile and then it shot off along a trail,,, a muddy trail,,, What can you expect when it flooded the day before.. The trail sucked and I guess I lost a lot of time on it.. Came into the sandy finishing shoot feeling pretty good.
Run = 5k 22:49 @ 7:22 pace..
I really thought I ran around a 7:05 pace.. felt really good,.

Total time = 1:34:40
25th in Age Group
211th Overall

Found the beer tent asap along with the rude volunteer handing out beer.. (there are nice ways to tell people that you should only get one beer, this guy didn't know how to).. I got mine so I'm good.. As soon as the transition area opened I grabbed my stuff and tried to exit with my bike.. BUT, bikes aren't allowed out of transition until 11:00...

I had a good time at the race but I think I expected a first class race.. The race is 28 years old and looks like they would figure some things out by now. It seemed as if they needed more volunteers,, nicer ones would be great.. Maybe I'm too used to Texas This was nothing like the Lonestar triathlon ran by Keith Jordan.. That is a top notch race. But,, the race packet was awesome,, the best ever.. I got a beach towel, bag, cap, two shirts, sunglasses and some gels... Also got a finisher bottle when crossing the line. Thought they were giving out medals but I don't think the website was updated since last year. Not sure if I would do this race again. Its good and bad in many different ways.. I loved the swim and bike.. Not many supporters along the race..

This is my last race until I start Ironman training.. So tonight I'm drinking rum/coke and going to sleep early.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


I just finished a 3.75 mile run right before a small storm hit. Ive been doing pretty good this month keeping up with training. Next Sunday I'm headed to Shreveport LA for the Rivercities triathlon. This is suppose to be my last triathlon of the season but it may not. I'm probably doing the bike portion of the Longhorn 70.3 relay. This was the race I was suppose to do in 2007 when I had my accident. I also may do Toyota US Open Dallas Triathlon. I just found out that my wife will be working the race and can possibly get me a compd entry. I cant pass that up. She is also working the Dallas White Rock Marathon so I will probably be running the half.

I had an MRI of my shoulder a couple weeks ago and found out last week that nothing is wrong with it. Thats good news but doesnt explain why I still have pain almost 2 years later. It gets tired really easily. Even from just holding a phone to my ear (seems to put the deltoid in a bind). So the doc said I need to strengthen whats left of the deltoid muscle. ha, oh yeah and the xray he took showed that I still had a chunk of glass in my bicep. Not suprising to me since the doc that removed all the glass said he had to leave a large piece because removing it would cause more damage. The glass doesnt seem to cause any problems though.

Congratulations to all the Ironman Lake Placid Finishers! Last I heard Philip Lavoie finished under 12 hours!!.... Thats awesome and I hope to be there next year... well, not "there" as in LP but "there"., you know..
gotta go! time to eat...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Jeff & Bredes Triathlon (Sprint)

On Sunday I raced the Jeff and Bredes Tri put on by the Houston Racing Triathlon Racing club. This was my first J&B tri. It is a 300 meter pool swim, 12 mile bike and 3 mile run. My goal was to finish under 1 hour 5 minutes.
The race started at 6:30 and I arrived around 5:45k... Drank hornet juice/gatorade and ate a pop tart on the way to the race site. Got body marked (#83 which is 83rd start position in the water) then found my rack for my bike. This was again an open rack which sucked big time! I found a small area to rack my bike, put out my shoes and stuff and put my bag to the side beside the transition fence. The rack was slanted which made it hard to keep the handle bars straight so I could balance my helmet on top (I rack my bike by the seat, ISM Adamo saddle).. It worked out ok but was still a pain in the azz..

Swim.... The pool was indoors which made waiting around for my start pretty hot. It was already in the 80s when we arrived that morning. Finally made it to my turn to start and was counted down until I could jump in feet first to the 4' pool. The first half of the swim was good until I met up with a lady that was walking the entire swim... Finally passed her and then my goggles started leaking. No problem though because I didnt have much more to go. With about 3 stokes to the end of the swim I felt the guy behind me tap my toes.. ($hit, he caught me!) I jumped out of the pool and started making my way toward T1.
Swim Time: 5:33, 1:51/m pace

T1... Feet got dirty from running over,,,uh,, dirt,, wiped them semi clean then put on shoes and helmet then took off for the mount line. (oh yeah, my helmet fell when trying to grab it to put it on, and my sunglasses were fogged up so I left them) Almost fell trying to stop to get on bike but didnt,,, clipped in and took off.
T1 time: 1:51

Bike... I got passed by a girl! and she was hauling..... on a road bike.. damn,, I suck.. and I thought I was doing good.. ate a gel and drank water from my aero bottle.... got passed by a couple more dudes (MEN) and passed a few other MEN...
Bike time: 35:25, 20.3 MPH

T2... came in with my feet out of the shoes jumped off and kept on running... almost lost my rack but found it.. racked bike, threw off helmet, put on shoes, grabbed visor and race belt and took off.
T2 time: 0.48

Run.. The run felt really good most of the way... It didnt seem too hot and there were plenty of aid stations. Around mile 1 and 2 I drank a little water and poured the rest over my head.. This seemed to help cool me down a lot. I kept a steady pace and passed a few people only getting passed by 2 dudes. One of them was super fast and turned in a 5:49 pace.. WTF! but he came in one place behind me at number 7.. his bike sucked. ... coming into the finish my sister and wife were there telling me to go faster and pass the chick in front of me... being the gentleman I am I just cruised on into the finish..
Run time: 21:14, 7:05 pace

I was really happy with my time considering the lack of training I have had since going on vacation... I didnt have many good runs since and was really hoping to just stay under a 7:30 pace.. I seem to base how well my race goes depending on my run. Its probably not a good thing but it seems to be the easiest way for me to know how well Im doing. Looking at past results I peaked in May running 2 triathlons at a sub 7 pace and in April I ran my fastest stand alone 5k...

Total time: 1:04:18
Age Group Place: 6
Overall Place: 53

I have one more race this season.. Rivercities Triathlon in louisiana in August. Then starts Ironman training.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Getting back to training

I finally started training again the Tuesday after getting back from Puerto Vallarta. I haven't missed a day since. I don't really have a plan and for now I'm focusing on running... I see the most improvement in my running and I like to see results. I have been stuck at the same pace swimming and have improved a little bit biking but my running has really improved.
I swam one day last week and biked once on Saturday. My wife and I rode for about 23 miles on the 4th. Sunday we went to the beach were I was able to get some surfing in... I consider this a swim workout since you are fighting the current the entire time and everytime you catch a wave you must paddle back out past the break. Surfing is very tiring and works out a lot of muscles you normally don't work out with just swimming..
My running suffered since I haven't ran in a little over a week with vacation and all. I have been running 3 to 4 miles and trying to keep the pace under 8mins. Normally for a 3 mile run I can hold closer to a 7 min pace..
I have a sprint triathlon this weekend and I hope I am ready for it. I think I will be happy if I can hold a sub 7:30 pace on the run but who knows... Its a 300m pool swim, 12 mile bike and 3 mile run... I'm aiming for 4th place..
After that I have one more sprint this season.. Rivercities sprint triathlon... Its suppose to be an awesome race with a great packet..
Then starts Ironman training in September... I will follow some type of plan until January.. then I am hiring Brett (aka texafornia) to coach me from January thru June 27th. I don't plan on screwing around and really want to do well at my first Ironman...
If you have any suggestions on a good free training plan from September to January let me know..

And I almost forgot... I met Sister Madonna at the Ironman!! Very cool!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ironman CDA 2010

Im finally able to sit at my computer and write a little something about my last week.
Cathlene and I made it to Spokane Washington last Saturday rented a car and drove to Coeur d'Alene to pick up our tshirts and wristbands for volunteering on Sunday. The town was beautiful. I loved it there. If it wasn't cold I could live there for sure. Anyways, we were set to volunteer from 11:30am to 5:30pm at transition aid station.
We got to the race site right after the pro wave took off. It was a little chilly and windy. Found a good spot on the pier to watch the race and settled in to film and take some pictures. The start of the race is just as chaotic as everyone describes but super awesome to watch. 2000+ people running into the water is freaking cool. We were able to catch the first few pros come out of the water and get on their bikes. We watched them for a bit then made it back to the swim to see the final age groupers come out of the water. The energy was amazing seeing/cheering in the last few swimmers before the cutoff time. I admit,, I shed a few tears, I wanted them to make it sooo bad. About 10 people were still in the water when the time was up. It was heartbreaking seeing them be told they could not continue.
We sat on the bike course until 11:30 when we went into transition. This was really cool! We were right there when the pros came in off their bike. I filmed alot of the first few pros in T2. We saw Kate Major who came in 2nd out of the female pros and Amanda Lovato. I even had to point Amanda Lovato in the right direction to the portapotty. wooohooo!!... It was fun seeing everyone come into T2 and trying to help out as much as possible. I think I learned alot about the transitions by working this area. When 5:30 came around, no more bikers were allowed to continue the race.. Cat and I went to eat our free volunteer food and by this time it was raining. So now its rainy, windy and cold... You could tell this sucked big time for some of the athletes.
We stood in the bleachers for a little bit cheering in some finishers at the finishing shoot, walked up and down the last half mile to the finish and then decided to grab some beer at a bar right on the course. This was very nice. very very nice. out of the rain drinking beer and watching runners pass by.
Around 10:45pm we started making our way back to the finishing shoot to stand on the bleachers and cheer in the last finishers. THIS was super freaking awesome!! The time went by sooo fast and the energy was again amazing. It was awesome seeing Mike Reilly announce "YOU ARE AN IRONMAN". The last couple of finshers made it in with the help of the crowd... Its hard to describe how awesome and how much energy the finish line had. These last few minutes were really great and I'm so glad we stayed until the last guy made it in. The last guy was actually 3 or 4 minutes over 17 hours. Sucks that he doesn't get an official time but the crowd tried to make up for it. Mike Reilly still announced him in but did not say "you are and ironman" and one finisher that stayed to see the last finish offered to give this last guy his finishers medal. . What a great guy!...
We got up the next day to go down and sign up for next years race. They had already started signing up but I was able to move right to the front of the line with my volunteer wristband and get signed up in just a few minutes!... So now, today, I just finalized my registration... I am signed up for Ironman Coeur d'Alene 2010!!!!! Can I get a mofo Hell to tha yeah!!!! I cant wait to cross that finish line. I have been dreaming of it ever since. .. not sure when my training truly starts or how this next year will pan out but who cares!!,, It will come and I will be ready.. im super stoked! So wish me the best and hopefully I can entertain/inspire you during the process. June 27th 2010 IMCDA!!

The next day we flew to Puerto Vallarta for our belated honeymoon (~6months later) and relaxed and drank lots of beer on the beach. What a great trip.. Couldnt be better....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tejas Triathlon

This past Sunday I competed in the Tejas Sprint Triathlon in Sugarland, TX. My wife also was on a relay where she did the bike portion of the tri. Her team along with Shannon and Katy placed 3rd female in the relay!!

I started off the race weekend on Saturday by going to Galveston with family. I sat on the beach and had a few beers in the hot sun. Sounds like an awesome day huh?? Well I "caught" this horrible migraine headache, probably due to dehydration and not eating properly.. (Cathlene hates when kids say they "caught" something,, cramp, etc. haha).. My neck was also killing me so I took some good drugs hoping it would make the pain go away.. Didn't happen,, just made me nauseous and we had to pull over 3 times on the way home so I could puke my guts out. Twice we didn't make it but I had my trusty plastic bags in my truck so yeah you know... Got home, took Tylenol, packed my race bag and slept...

600 yard swim, 11 mile bike, 3 mile run
I felt awesome when 4:45am rolled around. We took off shortly to the race and I ate crackers and drank Gatorade/hornet juice on the way. The transition area always sucks in my opinion. The end of the rack is marked with a set of #'s and you don't have a specific place on the rack for your bike. I hate when your specific spot isn't marked for your bike. Lucky me I get the far end of the rack which explains my transition times.

I started the swim on the far side behind one person. It was a wadding start.. I only had a few people bother me during the swim from swimming zig zag and grabbing my ankles. The swim was and always is longer than 600 yards at Tejas.
Swim time 12:35 @ 2:05/yard (650 yards would put me closer to my average pace)

T1 = 1:16,, bike shoes on, sunglasses on, helmet on, grab bike and go

The bike was a flat out and back with a slight headwind on the way out. I think I passed one person in my age group and as always got passed by a few. I really need to get out more on the bike if I want to be more competitive. First in my age group averaged 25Mph.
Bike time 31:15 @ 21.1MPH

T2 = 0:58,, same as always, come in barefoot, rack bike, take helmet off, shoes on, grab hat and race belt while running out.

The run felt really good. I passed around 4 people in my age group including a guy who averaged 23.4MPH on the bike and ran a 7:40 pace on the run. I caught up to him with about 1/5 mile to go. I passed him but he hung on my heals and re-passed me with around 100 yards to go. I knew I had him so I stayed right behind him and with 50 yards to go turned on the burners and made a good sprint past him. I wish I would have been around a 6:50 pace but will take my time.
Run time 20:59 @ 7:00 pace

I ended up 14th in my age group out of 48 and 101 overall. At first my results weren't showing up but after talking with the timing peeps they got it figured out. Also, Cats relay team showed 4th place for them on the posted results at the race but ended up in 3rd later that night when results went online.. Something was wrong with the timing that day but I guess they got it all figured out. I hope they get their awards..
NO beer at the finish sucked!! but at least they had pizza..