Monday, May 25, 2009

Combat Triathlon/ROS

This past Wednesday was my second time riding in the Ride of Silence. Last year I organized the inaugural ride in Lufkin, TX. We had over 75 people come out and participate. Pretty good for a small town with not much interest in anything other than High School football. This ride means a lot to me since I was injured by a motorist almost 2 years ago. My parents rode in the Lufkin ROS this year with about 25 participants while my wife and I rode in the Houston ROS with about 100 people. My mom said the ride in Lufkin went down the same hill I wrecked on. She said it was very emotional going down that hill imagining my collision. It means the world to me that they got out and participated in this event. I cant thank them enough. My friend who I have known my entire life wrote an article about it for the local paper Lufkindailynews. He is actually the same person who started calling me "worm" when I was a baby which now has evolved into a more manly man "gusano". In the Houston ROS the brother of a local girl who was hit and killed this year by a fire truck participated in the ride along with many friends. He said a few emotional words when we stopped at City Hall.

Saturday I raced in the Combat Sprint Triathlon. 300 yard pool swim, 15 mile bike, 3 mile run.

We were positioned to start the swim based on an estimated 300 yard swim time we entered when signing up for the race. I had estimated 5:00 minutes which had me starting 76th position in the water. The pool had 6 lanes and we would swim down and back in the same lane then go under the rope into the next lane. Swimmers were started every 10 seconds. Everything should work perfect and you shouldn't have to pass anyone if everyone estimates their time right. This never happens. I ended up having to pass one lady and some fool didn't finish out their swim and decided to walk a few feet to the exit ladder (WTH! this is a SWIM) It didn't hurt me too much though.
Swim time = 4:47 @ 1:35/100yds

T1 = 0:54

The bike went pretty good. It was a mostly straight flat ride on I45 going toward Galveston. Normally really windy but this time we had just a slight cross wind. So yeah for 15 miles I rode... Took one Hammer Gel and drank water from my aero bottle.... That's pretty much it... Oh, I was able to stay in aero the entire time except for the turn arounds. My neck hurt a good bit the day after,,,like always....but its getting better..I think..
Bike time = 42:04 @ 21.4 MPH

T2 = 0:27 I didn't have any problems in T2.

I felt a little sluggish on the run. It was pretty hot and I didn't have anyone around to pace me. Again my Zoot shoes were awesome!! No blisters and I didn't have any problems getting them on. Thanks again Anne from CEPsocks!!! I caught up to the guy who started right before me on the swim. I didn't push hard to pass him since he wasn't in my age group and I knew if I just stayed close I would beat him as far as time since he started 10 seconds before me. I also didn't feel like puking or almost puking at the finish. Some 15 year old dude blazed past us with about .5 miles to go,,, he had to be running close to sub 6min miles.... I was hoping to go sub 7 min miles but fell short. Shouldof drank more Hornet Juice or something.
Run time = 21:27 @ 7:09 pace

Total time = 1:09:40

I ended up placing 4th in my age group AGAIN! I was 43rd overall. I'm proud of my finish but it kinda sucks getting so close to the podium, (in this case the gym I got home and recovered wearing my CEP socks, drinking a beer and eating a Reeses Easter egg. (Sponsor me Reeses!! I'm running out of eggs!)

I think my next race will be Tejas Sprint in Sugarland, TX. A top 10 in my age group will make me happy there. This race usually turns out some pretty stiff competition. I have a few weeks of no racing to get ready. I need to get my run back under 7 min miles and get faster on the bike. The swim,, yeah I need to be faster butI'm not a fish, nor do I want to be a fish... I just need to be faster at all, like super fast,,, like shake and bake fast... like baby Jesus with little golden wings fast.... yeah.... THAT FAST!!!!


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