Monday, May 18, 2009

Silverlake Triathlon

This Saturday my wife ran her first 25k (hogs hunt in Huntsville, TX). She did awesome and finished! I am so proud of her. I took the dog and we met her at mile 6 and ran with her until mile 10 then had to book it back to the finish line to see her finish. The trails were really sandy and there were some pretty good hills mixed in. She looked great the entire time. Good job Cathlene!!

Sunday I did the Silverlake Sprint Triathlon in Pearland, TX. It was a 400 meter swim, 10 mile bike and 3 mile run.
Cathlene and I got to the race with about 20 minutes before transition closed. I like to be in transition way before it closes so I was a little nervous making sure everything was in place.

The water temperature was too hot for wetsuits so I had to leave mine with Cat. I was the third wave to take off. I lined up at the front and to the side like I always do. My first stroke I noticed I forgot to give my wedding band to Cat,,, awww great now I gotta worry about it falling off in the lake... I kept pushing it on with my thumb through the entire swim to make sure it didn't fall off. I don't think that slowed me down any though.... What got to me was the idiot without a top and a tattoo on his left shoulder that was a little larger than me cause I wouldof punched him in the face if I thought I could take him but THIS MOFO kept zig zaggin in front of me and I couldnt pass!!!!ugh!! I ended up making it out of the water in 8:29 (2:08/meter). Last year I swam it in 7:40...

T1 was 1:04

The bike was pretty uneventful.. It seemed like I had a headwind most of the way but the entire course was flat. Oh and it had a ton of sharp turns through a neighborhood. I ate a hammer gel and drank water from my aero bottle. Passed a lot of people at the dismount line while they were stopped and unclipping. 27:52 (21.5 MPH)

T2 was 0:38. There was a tree right in the middle of the bike racks that I had to weave around when racking my bike. It slowed me down a lil bit but not much. Racked bike, put on shoes, grabbed visor, race number and glasses and took off out of transition putting everything on.

The run went great for me. My Zoots felt great and didn't rub any blisters on my feet even though I didnt run in them previously. I passed a lot of people on the run but couldnt find anyone in my age group. One guy passed me but he was a clydesdale. I held a good steady pace and felt great the entire time. I was rounding the last corner with about 50 yards to go and a guy in my age group passed me. I said oh HELL NO this dude aint about to beat me with 50 yards to go..... He must not know they call me "White Lightning" in slow pitch softball!!!.lol.. I kicked hard and passed him along with a few others. Run was 20:12 (6:44 pace)

Total time was 58:14 enough for 4th freaking place in my age group! Oh well though, the guy in third beat me by 54 seconds. I ended up in 44th overall. Im pretty happy with everything except my swim. The guy that couldnt go straight really messed me up but thats apart of triathlon. Im super stoked about my run! I can really see an improvement these last few races. I really need to get faster on the bike..

Next Saturday I have Combat Sprint Triathlon. Its a short 300 yard pool swim 15 mile bike and 5k run...

And this Wednesday, May 20th is the Ride of Silence taking place all over the world. Everyone should participate! Look it up, its a free ride!


Anonymous said...

Awesome work!!! You are definitely a super fast runner.

Your post got me excited about my triathlon in July.

Gusano said...

Thank you! Glad to get you pumped up.. Good luck in your race!

Anne Short Vosburgh said...

That's a great post! Made my day reading it. Great tri and a super entertaining summary.

Anonymous said...

I am cracking up!! Love the post! Congrats! I can't believe your transition times...I have tried to figure out in my mind an overall goal time for myself for my first tri in June....obviously, I have seriously miscalculated my transition times...though I'm pretty sure I'll be waaaaaay slower than you (but maybe faster than what I've allotted mentally). LOL!! Way to go! Good luck at Combat!