Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ironman CDA 2010

Im finally able to sit at my computer and write a little something about my last week.
Cathlene and I made it to Spokane Washington last Saturday rented a car and drove to Coeur d'Alene to pick up our tshirts and wristbands for volunteering on Sunday. The town was beautiful. I loved it there. If it wasn't cold I could live there for sure. Anyways, we were set to volunteer from 11:30am to 5:30pm at transition aid station.
We got to the race site right after the pro wave took off. It was a little chilly and windy. Found a good spot on the pier to watch the race and settled in to film and take some pictures. The start of the race is just as chaotic as everyone describes but super awesome to watch. 2000+ people running into the water is freaking cool. We were able to catch the first few pros come out of the water and get on their bikes. We watched them for a bit then made it back to the swim to see the final age groupers come out of the water. The energy was amazing seeing/cheering in the last few swimmers before the cutoff time. I admit,, I shed a few tears, I wanted them to make it sooo bad. About 10 people were still in the water when the time was up. It was heartbreaking seeing them be told they could not continue.
We sat on the bike course until 11:30 when we went into transition. This was really cool! We were right there when the pros came in off their bike. I filmed alot of the first few pros in T2. We saw Kate Major who came in 2nd out of the female pros and Amanda Lovato. I even had to point Amanda Lovato in the right direction to the portapotty. wooohooo!!... It was fun seeing everyone come into T2 and trying to help out as much as possible. I think I learned alot about the transitions by working this area. When 5:30 came around, no more bikers were allowed to continue the race.. Cat and I went to eat our free volunteer food and by this time it was raining. So now its rainy, windy and cold... You could tell this sucked big time for some of the athletes.
We stood in the bleachers for a little bit cheering in some finishers at the finishing shoot, walked up and down the last half mile to the finish and then decided to grab some beer at a bar right on the course. This was very nice. very very nice. out of the rain drinking beer and watching runners pass by.
Around 10:45pm we started making our way back to the finishing shoot to stand on the bleachers and cheer in the last finishers. THIS was super freaking awesome!! The time went by sooo fast and the energy was again amazing. It was awesome seeing Mike Reilly announce "YOU ARE AN IRONMAN". The last couple of finshers made it in with the help of the crowd... Its hard to describe how awesome and how much energy the finish line had. These last few minutes were really great and I'm so glad we stayed until the last guy made it in. The last guy was actually 3 or 4 minutes over 17 hours. Sucks that he doesn't get an official time but the crowd tried to make up for it. Mike Reilly still announced him in but did not say "you are and ironman" and one finisher that stayed to see the last finish offered to give this last guy his finishers medal. . What a great guy!...
We got up the next day to go down and sign up for next years race. They had already started signing up but I was able to move right to the front of the line with my volunteer wristband and get signed up in just a few minutes!... So now, today, I just finalized my registration... I am signed up for Ironman Coeur d'Alene 2010!!!!! Can I get a mofo Hell to tha yeah!!!! I cant wait to cross that finish line. I have been dreaming of it ever since. .. not sure when my training truly starts or how this next year will pan out but who cares!!,, It will come and I will be ready.. im super stoked! So wish me the best and hopefully I can entertain/inspire you during the process. June 27th 2010 IMCDA!!

The next day we flew to Puerto Vallarta for our belated honeymoon (~6months later) and relaxed and drank lots of beer on the beach. What a great trip.. Couldnt be better....

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