Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tejas Triathlon

This past Sunday I competed in the Tejas Sprint Triathlon in Sugarland, TX. My wife also was on a relay where she did the bike portion of the tri. Her team along with Shannon and Katy placed 3rd female in the relay!!

I started off the race weekend on Saturday by going to Galveston with family. I sat on the beach and had a few beers in the hot sun. Sounds like an awesome day huh?? Well I "caught" this horrible migraine headache, probably due to dehydration and not eating properly.. (Cathlene hates when kids say they "caught" something,, cramp, etc. haha).. My neck was also killing me so I took some good drugs hoping it would make the pain go away.. Didn't happen,, just made me nauseous and we had to pull over 3 times on the way home so I could puke my guts out. Twice we didn't make it but I had my trusty plastic bags in my truck so yeah you know... Got home, took Tylenol, packed my race bag and slept...

600 yard swim, 11 mile bike, 3 mile run
I felt awesome when 4:45am rolled around. We took off shortly to the race and I ate crackers and drank Gatorade/hornet juice on the way. The transition area always sucks in my opinion. The end of the rack is marked with a set of #'s and you don't have a specific place on the rack for your bike. I hate when your specific spot isn't marked for your bike. Lucky me I get the far end of the rack which explains my transition times.

I started the swim on the far side behind one person. It was a wadding start.. I only had a few people bother me during the swim from swimming zig zag and grabbing my ankles. The swim was and always is longer than 600 yards at Tejas.
Swim time 12:35 @ 2:05/yard (650 yards would put me closer to my average pace)

T1 = 1:16,, bike shoes on, sunglasses on, helmet on, grab bike and go

The bike was a flat out and back with a slight headwind on the way out. I think I passed one person in my age group and as always got passed by a few. I really need to get out more on the bike if I want to be more competitive. First in my age group averaged 25Mph.
Bike time 31:15 @ 21.1MPH

T2 = 0:58,, same as always, come in barefoot, rack bike, take helmet off, shoes on, grab hat and race belt while running out.

The run felt really good. I passed around 4 people in my age group including a guy who averaged 23.4MPH on the bike and ran a 7:40 pace on the run. I caught up to him with about 1/5 mile to go. I passed him but he hung on my heals and re-passed me with around 100 yards to go. I knew I had him so I stayed right behind him and with 50 yards to go turned on the burners and made a good sprint past him. I wish I would have been around a 6:50 pace but will take my time.
Run time 20:59 @ 7:00 pace

I ended up 14th in my age group out of 48 and 101 overall. At first my results weren't showing up but after talking with the timing peeps they got it figured out. Also, Cats relay team showed 4th place for them on the posted results at the race but ended up in 3rd later that night when results went online.. Something was wrong with the timing that day but I guess they got it all figured out. I hope they get their awards..
NO beer at the finish sucked!! but at least they had pizza..


Philip LaVoie said...

dood. great showing after the day you had before. right on bud! hats off to the ladies too!

Scott Zagarino said...

Way to hang in there. Some of my worst days turned out to be the ones I learned the most from. Great post.

Gusano said...

Thanks guys!

Gina Harris said...

Very nice race! I'm always impressed with people who do triathlons. My swimming sucks so I would never do one. Way to go!