Sunday, July 26, 2009


I just finished a 3.75 mile run right before a small storm hit. Ive been doing pretty good this month keeping up with training. Next Sunday I'm headed to Shreveport LA for the Rivercities triathlon. This is suppose to be my last triathlon of the season but it may not. I'm probably doing the bike portion of the Longhorn 70.3 relay. This was the race I was suppose to do in 2007 when I had my accident. I also may do Toyota US Open Dallas Triathlon. I just found out that my wife will be working the race and can possibly get me a compd entry. I cant pass that up. She is also working the Dallas White Rock Marathon so I will probably be running the half.

I had an MRI of my shoulder a couple weeks ago and found out last week that nothing is wrong with it. Thats good news but doesnt explain why I still have pain almost 2 years later. It gets tired really easily. Even from just holding a phone to my ear (seems to put the deltoid in a bind). So the doc said I need to strengthen whats left of the deltoid muscle. ha, oh yeah and the xray he took showed that I still had a chunk of glass in my bicep. Not suprising to me since the doc that removed all the glass said he had to leave a large piece because removing it would cause more damage. The glass doesnt seem to cause any problems though.

Congratulations to all the Ironman Lake Placid Finishers! Last I heard Philip Lavoie finished under 12 hours!!.... Thats awesome and I hope to be there next year... well, not "there" as in LP but "there"., you know..
gotta go! time to eat...

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Philip LaVoie said...

keep racin' too early to stop ;). we'll be watching the finish line of CDA for ya.