Monday, July 13, 2009

Jeff & Bredes Triathlon (Sprint)

On Sunday I raced the Jeff and Bredes Tri put on by the Houston Racing Triathlon Racing club. This was my first J&B tri. It is a 300 meter pool swim, 12 mile bike and 3 mile run. My goal was to finish under 1 hour 5 minutes.
The race started at 6:30 and I arrived around 5:45k... Drank hornet juice/gatorade and ate a pop tart on the way to the race site. Got body marked (#83 which is 83rd start position in the water) then found my rack for my bike. This was again an open rack which sucked big time! I found a small area to rack my bike, put out my shoes and stuff and put my bag to the side beside the transition fence. The rack was slanted which made it hard to keep the handle bars straight so I could balance my helmet on top (I rack my bike by the seat, ISM Adamo saddle).. It worked out ok but was still a pain in the azz..

Swim.... The pool was indoors which made waiting around for my start pretty hot. It was already in the 80s when we arrived that morning. Finally made it to my turn to start and was counted down until I could jump in feet first to the 4' pool. The first half of the swim was good until I met up with a lady that was walking the entire swim... Finally passed her and then my goggles started leaking. No problem though because I didnt have much more to go. With about 3 stokes to the end of the swim I felt the guy behind me tap my toes.. ($hit, he caught me!) I jumped out of the pool and started making my way toward T1.
Swim Time: 5:33, 1:51/m pace

T1... Feet got dirty from running over,,,uh,, dirt,, wiped them semi clean then put on shoes and helmet then took off for the mount line. (oh yeah, my helmet fell when trying to grab it to put it on, and my sunglasses were fogged up so I left them) Almost fell trying to stop to get on bike but didnt,,, clipped in and took off.
T1 time: 1:51

Bike... I got passed by a girl! and she was hauling..... on a road bike.. damn,, I suck.. and I thought I was doing good.. ate a gel and drank water from my aero bottle.... got passed by a couple more dudes (MEN) and passed a few other MEN...
Bike time: 35:25, 20.3 MPH

T2... came in with my feet out of the shoes jumped off and kept on running... almost lost my rack but found it.. racked bike, threw off helmet, put on shoes, grabbed visor and race belt and took off.
T2 time: 0.48

Run.. The run felt really good most of the way... It didnt seem too hot and there were plenty of aid stations. Around mile 1 and 2 I drank a little water and poured the rest over my head.. This seemed to help cool me down a lot. I kept a steady pace and passed a few people only getting passed by 2 dudes. One of them was super fast and turned in a 5:49 pace.. WTF! but he came in one place behind me at number 7.. his bike sucked. ... coming into the finish my sister and wife were there telling me to go faster and pass the chick in front of me... being the gentleman I am I just cruised on into the finish..
Run time: 21:14, 7:05 pace

I was really happy with my time considering the lack of training I have had since going on vacation... I didnt have many good runs since and was really hoping to just stay under a 7:30 pace.. I seem to base how well my race goes depending on my run. Its probably not a good thing but it seems to be the easiest way for me to know how well Im doing. Looking at past results I peaked in May running 2 triathlons at a sub 7 pace and in April I ran my fastest stand alone 5k...

Total time: 1:04:18
Age Group Place: 6
Overall Place: 53

I have one more race this season.. Rivercities Triathlon in louisiana in August. Then starts Ironman training.


Gina Harris said...

Nice race! I am always impressed with people who do triathlons. I would be the woman walking the swim. lol

Anne said...

Hehehehehehhe - "being the gentleman that I am......" you LET A GIRL BEAT YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! ;) ;)

Great entertaining post (as usual!)