Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to training?? Well...

I'm still not back to training. I plan on starting soon but I haven't set a date yet. For sure doing something by next week. Maybe when I get my bike... Ive done some pushups lately though. Does that count?
I want to start out doing a lot of weight lifting. I wanna get strong. cock strong.. haha. I figure Ill concentrate on lifting for a few weeks and then spend a good bit on the bike and running. I have a few half marathons this winter that I plan on running (Dallas Whiterock, Houston, Austin). During all of this I need to work on my swimming. I suck at swimming. I used to love going to the pool but here lately I hate it. I think because I really don't see any improvements. Ive swam the same pace for years. Oh yeah I keep forgetting about Longhorn HIM.. I gotta do the bike.. I still gotta sign up though..
So anyways,,, Ill get to that training soon enough.

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Anonymous said...

You better get a move on, boy! Whatcha waitin' on? Longhorn's gonna fill up!!!

Hate the pool? WTH...why ya gotta be a hater?!?