Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Max HR 211!

So on my way home from work today I decided that I needed to go for a run. Taped my knee with KT tape (Kinesio tape for my ITBS,, use it for my neck too but that's all another story), Put on my CEP socks grabbed the garmin 305, ipod, shoes, running clothes,,,anyways I was planning on doing my normal 4 mile loop around the neighborhood. It wasn't really hot when I started (90 degrees 95 heat index)well,, it could be hotter. At 0.8 miles I had to stop at a light, wait for cars, then take off again. When I took off running again I felt my heart rate skyrocket and got the light headed feeling I usually get when my HR goes out of control. I looked at my watch to see my heart rate... It was floating above 200 and hit 211. I immediately stopped running and started walking. After about 30 seconds I had it under control and around 170bpm. I was able to finish my run but just slower than I really wanted to. I concentrated on taking deep breathes and not pushing myself too hard when my HR got high.

This is nothing really abnormal for me. I have had occurrences for a long time. I remember having this happen to me in football practice after running a route. I always thought it was my pads too tight on my chest. I never told anyone about it. They wouldn't believe me anyway. Football practice wasn't suppose to be easy,, so I kept my mouth shut. It would always happen after sprinting.. Looking back it seemed to occur more during football than baseball but I did have some instances during a baseball game or practice. After high school they didn't happen near as much,, but started again when I started playing softball. Very rarely did it happen when going out for a normal run/jog. I think it was last year during my nephews baseball practice did I actually have it happen with a HR monitor on. I used to coach his team and I would sometimes run before practice. This day I had ran and left the monitor on. I was helping shag balls and felt my heart rate increase. I looked at the monitor and it was floating above 200bpm. I told Cathlene and she thought I should bring it up to my doctor.

My doctor didn't seem to be very concerned about the high heart rate. He said it was a type of tachycardia or something like that. He wanted me to wear a monitor to catch the rhythm or something but it would only last for a few days and I would have to try and make my HR skyrocket.. I couldn't figure out how to "make" it happen and it happened only about once a month so I decided to just let it be. I can pretty much control it once it happens,,, just breath deep and relax. It is scary when it happens though... It has been a few months since the last time. The doctor didn't seem to be worried so neither will I.. Now if it starts happening all the time I am sure I will be seeing someone again.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! That's pretty high! While I was in Denver this week, I ran on the treadmill. I don't have a HR monitor that I usually wear when running, so, I every mile on the treadmill, I was gripping the thing and checking my HR. At one point it was 188. All I can attribute it to was possibly the altitude difference. I didn't feel to badly running, it was weird.

I guess I probably need to get a HR monitor at some point, but ... ??

You be sure and keep tabs on that, Guzman, you gotta big race in your future!!