Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Random thoughts/Athletic career

Sometimes when you’re expecting a fastball life throws you an outside curve ball. So you do whats expected of a good player,, you see the spin of the ball, determine where it will break over the plate and take that SOB opposite field.

You can always describe life as if it were a baseball game. I love baseball. I played as long as any team would let me. I didn’t try to play in college so high school is as far as I went. Then I started playing slow pitch softball. Its just not the same though. Now I randomly play softball since I am more focused on triathlon training. I was a pretty decent ball player. I could play almost every position. Our high school team sucked. We were more focused on football. We were bad ass in football. Football was exciting and fun. There was nothing like a Friday night football game. I wanted to quit so many times but Friday would come around and make everything much better. We were top ranked in the state my senior year but crapped out in the first round of playoffs. We went 10-0 in regular season that year. I was a receiver. I also pole vaulted. I still have the school record at 13’6”. Got 6th place in regionals my junior year. I won every meet I entered in my senior year. I broke a pole once. I missed the mat a few times. At district I was disqualified after winning for looking at the video camera between runs. My coach never told me this was illegal. For 4 years I didn’t know (until the kids coach who didnt make it to regionals had a fit said something about it). I got track athlete of the year my senior year.. I walked on in college and vaulted for a bit…. Then I found running and now triathlon.. Im competitive and love sports.. And yeah I like baseball and the way it can describe life.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm....I'm feelin' like life has thrown me a curve ball this week...our sports schedule has rocked my world, and I can't seem to find our new "normal." Strugglin'. I like the analogy of baseball and life...

So many good things come from sports and being part of a team. Sounds like you've had lots of experience there. Your competitive edge is probably some of what has aided in your recovery!

Thanks for sharing.