Monday, August 3, 2009

Rivercities Triathlon

Right after work I headed to Diboll, TX, to my parents house. We stayed the night there then Saturday morning got up drove to Cathlene's moms house (mother in law) picked her and her 2 boys up and drove to Shreveport, LA. We left Lufkin around 9am and got to Shreveport around 11:30. Made it to pick up the packet at the now "old" sportspectrum store. They were in the process of moving to a new store a couple of miles away. So this seemed pretty organized (packet pickup) until I was told "and now you need to drive to our new store and pick up your numbers"... WTF!! really, i mean really?? your trying to get me to visit the old store and then I have no choice but to visit the new store to get the rest of my packet so hopefully I will spend more money,,, i mean really...? I didn't spend anymore money at the new store but the old one had lots of shoes and stuff on sale so I did get new tri shorts and Cat got some zoot shoes! very nice!!.. So whatevea, I'm over that, I understand them making us visit both stores but still it was pretty crappy to split up the packet pickup.. onward to the race!..

The drive to the race site was about 33 minutes 24 seconds... google maps said it was around 45 minutes. guess they rounded up.... way up.. so we got to the park at 5:30am and waited in line with the other vehicles until 6 when the gates to the park opened up. by 5:45 there were about 50 to 100 cars lined up outside the park.. . now why cant they open up the park a tad bit earlier? just a little bit, so maybe we wouldn't all be sitting out on the main "small" highway,.. whatever though,,, onward to race site. oh yeah,, I drank Hornet Juice mixed with Gatorade on the drive there. Also had my CEP socks on!! booyaaa

Parked the truck and headed down to transition to find the open rack. (knew it was going to be open rack so I wanted to get there a little early). Found my rack! It was one of the few that was located in the grass!! and it flooded the day before! woohoo.. everyone else has the parking lot to set up transition... now to body mark.. first lady to actually mark my number over my scars. haha, i like to see peoples faces when I pull my sleeve up and they see the scars.. she was gangsta and wrote right over them though.. didn't even blink.. alright now to the swim...
I had plenty of time to get ready, which I like, .. I hate being in a rush.. So when it was my time to leave the family I was able to "shake n bake" with them all and give Cat a kiss and make it to the water where I waited to start. (shake n bake means to fist bump and say "shake n bake"!).. The announcer was annoying talking about Kid Rock and how cool/great he is..yada yada... He announced my wave to start but said the wrong color caps and wrong age.. With about 10 seconds until we started he finally got it right. then BOOM! the canon goes off and we are on our way. The swim was pretty good,. I thought I did really well. Only a few people hit and kicked me,, no biggie. Swam until my hands touched the sand, got up running to my bike...
swim = 0.5 mile 16:50 @ 2:07 pace...

T1 = 1:32.. nothing major.. long run to bike.

The bike went really well,. I was passed by a lot and also passed a few myself. I took one gel and drank water.. The bike course had a lot of rolling hills but nothing bad or really steep.
Bike = 18.6 miles 52:06 @ 21.4 MPH

T2 = 1:24 .. I came in with my feet out of my shoes, nailed the dismount, tried to go straight to my rack but this rude volunteer lady was in my way!! she wouldn't let me go to the rack, said I needed to go all the way around... I didn't understand this at first and the way transition was set up didn't really make sense to me because my rack was sooooo close yet sooo far away. I had a few words with her any ran on around the circle back to where I practically started.. This could have been communicated a lot better.. I guess they thought by making us go all the way around cut down on traffic but where my rack was located it did nothing... but piss me off and make my HR sky rocket..
Racked bike, put on shoes, grabbed hat and race belt and took off.

The first mile of the run was awesome, the temp was still good and I wasn't too hot,.. I ran a sub 7min mile and thought I was going to have an awesome 5k...... the second mile was slower and around 7:15.. I thought I picked up the pace the 3rd mile and then it shot off along a trail,,, a muddy trail,,, What can you expect when it flooded the day before.. The trail sucked and I guess I lost a lot of time on it.. Came into the sandy finishing shoot feeling pretty good.
Run = 5k 22:49 @ 7:22 pace..
I really thought I ran around a 7:05 pace.. felt really good,.

Total time = 1:34:40
25th in Age Group
211th Overall

Found the beer tent asap along with the rude volunteer handing out beer.. (there are nice ways to tell people that you should only get one beer, this guy didn't know how to).. I got mine so I'm good.. As soon as the transition area opened I grabbed my stuff and tried to exit with my bike.. BUT, bikes aren't allowed out of transition until 11:00...

I had a good time at the race but I think I expected a first class race.. The race is 28 years old and looks like they would figure some things out by now. It seemed as if they needed more volunteers,, nicer ones would be great.. Maybe I'm too used to Texas This was nothing like the Lonestar triathlon ran by Keith Jordan.. That is a top notch race. But,, the race packet was awesome,, the best ever.. I got a beach towel, bag, cap, two shirts, sunglasses and some gels... Also got a finisher bottle when crossing the line. Thought they were giving out medals but I don't think the website was updated since last year. Not sure if I would do this race again. Its good and bad in many different ways.. I loved the swim and bike.. Not many supporters along the race..

This is my last race until I start Ironman training.. So tonight I'm drinking rum/coke and going to sleep early.

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congrats on the race and good luck with the ironman training!