Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why does the neck hurt?

Just recently, my neck has started bothering me a lot more than usual... The only thing Ive done different is NOT train. Maybe I need to get started back to running or something.
Maybe its all in my head.. 5 days until exactly 2 years since the wreck. Been thinking a lot about it lately.

has an awesome idea for Ironman. If I get a disc wheel or aero helmet I'm gonna get this sticker put on it. What do you think? (crash dummy logo).
Maybe this can be an awareness campaign? DON'T RUN OVER CYCLISTS!
How about the word "ALIVE" across it.... hmmm


The Tri Runner said...

i think that's a pretty cool idea.

Philip LaVoie said...

heh. ;)

i think the aches always seem worse when we're not training. especially during the off season.

Gina Harris said...

I agree with Philip. I notice I don't feel nearly as well when I'm not training.

triblog carol said...

i get lots of stupid little aches and pains whenever i taper. very weird. also, maybe you are spending more time sitting at your computer in an un-ergonimc way??

Glad you are healthy enuff to celebrate your 2 year anniversary of the crash.

Gusano said...

So this all means I MUST get back to training asap!!