Monday, September 7, 2009

Training Begins

I started training this week. I got in a few short rides on my new bike. Had to take the bike back to the shop to get the aero bars shifted out a bit. It was killing my shoulder being in the aero position for too long. They stretched me out a good bit and now its awesome. Its crazy how just a few small adjustments on the bike can change how good the ride is... A good bike fit is not over-rated. I asked them about my feet going numb so they adjusted my cleats but my right little toes are still going numb after a hard ride. They said my shoes are too small. Damn! That was not in the budget... I really like my shoes and they freaking match (haha). okok I did not just say my shoes matched my bike. . So depending on how training goes I may be looking at buying some shoes in the future.

I also started lifting pretty hard this week.. Pretty hard=freaking super stupid hard.. The first day I worked out my legs with a little bit of arms mixed in. Then finished with 1 mile on the treadmill. I could barely walk the next day.. I worked out my arms that next day and mixed in some leg extensions to get blood flowing in my legs. Finished off with 1 mile on the treadmill. OMG the next day I really couldnt walk and my arms wouldnt straighten out and look normal when walking.. Cathlene gave me an awesome massage to work out some of the soreness. DOMS she calls it, Delayed onset muscle soreness. So today Im feeling a lot better and can actually walk pretty normal. Im going for a run with my sister on the trails at Memorial Park. Plan on running 6 this morning an then when Cathlene gets off we are all going on a ride. Not sure how far but it should be fun. PEACE! (oh and Im finally registered for the Longhorn 70.3 RELAY.. bike portion for me, we are The Craptastic 4 thanks to Philip)

This is me on the right.. (dont judge me)


Rob said...

How important do you think weights are in an overall training program. I hear of people who run, bike and swim and never visit the gym?

Gusano said...

For me, I like to lift hard during the off season to build muscle specifically for the bike and swim. I also lift to help with injuries and stay injury free. During the season I will lift maybe twice a week but light weights so I dont get too sore. Weights help with my ITBS and also with my wrecked shoulder and neck. Stretching is also essential during weight training (well, really always).. I have had two different PT's recommend weights plus my wife (athletic trainer). So yeah I think weight training is pretty important. (This could be a new blog post.haha)