Sunday, November 29, 2009

quick update

Ive been slacking on keeping the blog updated so here is a quick update on my training a such...

I am still following my training plan from pretty well except for this week. (around 1 more month until I begin the ZenTri program!)During Thanksgiving I took a few days off. Lots of family came in and it was my birthday on the 23rd. Cathlene bought me a underwater ipod housing and headphones (h2o audio). I cant wait to try them out.

I also bought some Newton Sir Isaac shoes and so far hate them. I ran 6 miles in them yesterday and 2 today. They put a lot of strain on my arches. I naturally run forefoot and I was told that I would adjust right to them because of this. I have the Dallas half marathon in two weeks and really wanted to run in a newer pair of shoes for this race. I will give these shoes the rest of the week and see if my arches get any better. If not Im going back to my Asics Nimbus. They have never let me down... If it aint broke, dont fix it... yeah yeah but with all the hype Newtons have I just HAD to try them.

Recently started getting deep tissue and ART massage from an Athletic Trainer that Cathlene is friends with. My ITBand is feeling a bit better from this. I will probably go a few more times and then just "as needed".. I think its helping my ITBS... My recent longer runs have been a lot better. I have still been occasionally taping my ITB with KT tape,. Seems to help more on the bike though.

I ran a local 5 mile trail run in my home town and got 2nd overall. Not a ton of people entered into the race but it was a fun fast training run.
ran the Houston Sheltering Arms 3 mile turkey trot in 20:22 ~6:52 pace. Ended up 5th in my age group and 67th overall.


Anonymous said...

You're ridiculously fast! Just like a punk kid to show up all the old people trying to still live the dream! WHAT.EVER!

Jamie said...

Always good to hear from someone who isn't blindly infatuated with the neon glow of newtons. Go with what works for you.

Congrats on a great race. Sweet time.

Gusano said...

oh whatever Shannon!! (thanks though)

Jamie... thanks! I got tired of hearing that Newtons were the best thing since sliced bread (or whatever old timers say... shannon??).. So I had to try them just to prove if they work for me or not. They arent looking so good now. and thats ok,, if it works for some then great!