Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yield to Life

Check out the website Yield to Life. I sent my story to them last year and they have posted it on their website along with others who have been hit by vehicles while riding. This is a big step in a good direction and means a lot to me. Its hard to explain to people why I would rather ride my trainer than ride with traffic,,, actually its pretty easy to explain but I guess hard for people to understand. Still after 2 years I get nervous when I hear a vehicle or see one coming at me or stopped at an intersection.

On the other hand, Brett from ZenTriathlon posted a sketch I sent to him featuring some bad ass zen/chuck norris style face kicking moves I could have with a Zen Tri tattoo on the bottom of my foot. Pretty good stuff. Check it out. ZenTri

1 comment:

Jamie said...

Your lats are currently aspiring to be mediocre.

You are failing guz.