Monday, December 7, 2009

My thoughts on Newton Sir Isaac Guidance Trainers

I had been reading about these shoes for quite some time. I have always wanted to try them out but couldn’t bring myself to first off, spend the money and second, why change when my current shoes work just fine. I have run in Asics since I first started running and most of the time these have been the Nimbus models. I tried out the Nike Frees when they first came out and bought some Pearl Izumi’s when they hit the running scene. The only other shoes I wear consistently are my Zoots. Any race 10k or shorter I wear Zoots. Other than that I have always gone back to the Nimbus.

I went to Lukes Locker planning on trying out a pair of Newtons but most likely buying another pair of Nimbus. The salesperson talked me in to trying out the sir isaac’s and after watching me run and looking at the wear on my old shoes he said I would have no problem with these shoes since I already run forefoot. He said it was the other Newton shoes with larger lugs that would need the 25 mile break-in period but not these. So after confirming they would honor the 30 return policy, I purchased and took them on my first run.

They felt awesome in the store and good through the first mile. After mile one I started to experience pain in both arches and by the end of the run my arches were burning with the feeling of pins and needles. I was ready to take them back the first day but decided I would try them out a few more times just to see if anything got better. Well, after a few more runs and a total of about 12 miles I decided I had enough and returned them. My experience with arch pain at first and later pain on the top of my foot made it an easy decision.

It seems that people who try them out either love them or hate them and I am a far cry from loving them. I think if you want to run forefoot, learn to do it properly without being forced to run this way. As far as these shoes promoting more of a barefoot style of running,, last time I checked I didn’t have lugs under the ball of my feet. With the exception of very few, most fast runners are not running in Newtons. For example: The salesperson who originally sold me the Newtons was talking about how he has had trouble breaking 4 hours in the marathon. He loves the shoes and talked about how much faster you could run with them. The other salesperson that I returned the Newtons to doesn’t like them and runs in simple racing flats. He said he is always skeptical of any shoe that claims to make you run faster or with better form. He ran the Rodeo Run 10k this year in 32:43 (5:15 pace). I found this interesting.

If they work for you that's great. But they aren't for everyone.


Samantha said...

Glad they took them back - that would have been an expensive lesson!

Gusano said...

haha yeah I made sure I had 30 days to return them before buying..