Sunday, December 5, 2010

November Totals

Pretty much took all of November off. I only ran 3 times and concentrated on strength training. Doing a little P90X... Plan is to pick my running back up slowly and keep doing some strength/P90X stuff through December. January after the Disney half marathon Ill get in to my Ironman Texas plan and stick to it. Not gonna lie, I'm really enjoying taking time off. Ive still got to wrap my mind around IM training again.

12 miles total of running
0 yards swam
0 miles biked

Thursday, November 11, 2010

October Totals

October was not a very impressive month. I cut way back right after Longhorn and don't plan on starting back to any consistent training until December or maybe January after the holidays. I plan on getting in some weight training for a few weeks and then slowly rebuild. I need to get my run mileage up pretty quick since I'm running the Disney half and then plan on pacing my friend Devin the last 20 miles of his 100 mile run in February.

October Totals:
Swim = 6,864 yards
Bike = 167.86 miles
Run = 82.22 miles

On another note my wife, Cathlene, recently finished her first 50k trail run. I'm so stoked for her. It's awesome to see her complete something this big and I know she won't stop at 50k.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Longhorn/Austin 70.3

Finished! 5:46:16
Swim - 38:55
Bike - 2:48:41
Run - 2:11:10

Race morning I skipped coffee.  I’ve felt that it makes me too jittery and my adrenaline is already high enough without caffeine.  Instead I opted just for my normal Hornet Juice and some water.  Ate half a Chic Fil A chicken biscuit and banana. I had stayed with some relatives so Cathlene myself and my cousin got up and left their house around 5:15.  Parking was a pain as normal but we eventually got in and the bussing to the lake was fast and efficient.  Got my bike ready then waited for the start.  This was another race where I would have a lot of support. 3 cousins, aunt and uncle, sister, Cat, and Devin and his wife were all there.  Kathleen (former Houston Racing Prez) was also there volunteering.  It’s always good to see familiar faces.
I lined up on the outside about 3 deep in my wave.  I ended up staying wide and away from the crowd most of the race.  This was nice to not be in the mix of things getting beat up but Im pretty sure I added yardage to my swim.  The only problems I had during the swim was a side stitch about 1/3 of the way and then toward the end my shoulder started giving out on me.  Came out of the water feeling good and hearing people yelling my name.  
1.2 mile swim = 38:55 (2:01/100m)
Transition went well, wetsuit stripper, ran up the long grassy hill to my bike, stuffed wetsuit into bag, race belt on, helmet on, glasses on then off to the mount line. A few people blocking the mount line but I made my way around and hopped on my bike.
T1 = 2:47
I started out the bike feeling great but gave myself a few miles before I really started hammering.  The first part of the course has some rolling hills then it flattens out a bit, the road conditions get worse then better and back to a few rolling hills.  Around mile 40 my legs quit on me.  Just like that I could barely hold 19mph.  They were screaming for me to stop. Felt some cramping coming on so I downed some water and inhaled electrolyte pills. It was starting to heat up and the wind started to blow.  I wasn’t sure my legs would work if I made it to T2. 
56 mile bike = 2:48:41 (19.9 mph)
Stretched a bit in transition, put on my socks, took my time to get prepared for the next 2 hours. Ran out and saw all the family and friends.
T2 = 4:43
I started off feeling really good on the run. I was holding sub 8min miles for the first 1.5 miles or so. Then the hills started putting a hurt on me. They never seemed to stop. Half of the course looped around the park and took you off-road. My pace slowed way down running through the grass. It was a two loop course and I finished the first loop right around an hour. It started to heat up and the hills started to hurt worse. I found myself walking a lot more on the second loop along with some cramping. Made it to the finish and saw everyone there that was supporting me. Was really hard to hold back tears seeing everyone. I felt a lot of memories from this race but now I can put Longhorn in the bag. I am done. It only took me three years but I came back, just this time I wasn't on the sideline wearing a neck brace cheering for my sister. This time Jennifer was on the sideline, pregnant, with Cat and the family, cheering for me. Love the support. Love my family and friends.
13.1 mile run = 2:11:10 (10:01 pace)

Total = 5:46:16
812 overall
119 age group

I'll take it. Wish I couldof held it together on the run. The hills killed me and it didn't help going all out on the bike. That was the plan though. It taught me a lot. This season taught me a lot. Man do I love this lifestyle. Can't wait to punish myself again...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Austin/Longhorn 70.3 Game Plan

So I'm finally racing my first half Ironman this weekend and I wasn't sure how to approach it. Should I hold back on the swim and bike to guarentee Ill be able to "run" the run or should I just throw the hammer down and see when I end up on my face? I've talked it over with Cathlene and my buddy Phil and they both seem to think what I'm thinking, balls to the wall baby! This race means a lot to me and I'm going to finish, I just may not have a stellar race.
I had a great swim last week, 2500 yards at 1:38/100 so I'm hoping I can do close to the same Sunday. Ill be stoked to finish in 37 mins though. Last year I did the bike portion of the Longhorn relay and averaged just over 19mph.. That kicked off my IM training... I'm going to try and hold 20mph this year. Now the run, who knows what will happen. Sub 2hrs will be ok with me but I won't be happy. BUT if I hammer everything before I get to the run will I even be able to run. We will see. If I start feeling like I'm gonna blow up on the bike I'll probably scale back a bit so I can run. I refuse to DNF this race.
Let's shoot for sub 5:30 and see where I fall. It should be fun and the weather forecast looks good.

I've also heard some rumors that Lance Armstrong may race or make an appearance. Wouldn't THAT be cool!

Friday, October 8, 2010

2010 Kona Picks

Thought I would throw out my 2010 Kona picks....

1.) Chris Lieto
2.) Craig Alexander
3.) Andy Potts

1.) Chrissy Wellington
2.) Samantha McGlone
3.) Mirinda Carfrae

Im calling for Macca and Terenzo top 5. I believe Lieto truly has the heart to be #1 this year and hope he got his run together. Andy Potts seems to be a good contender this year for the podium. Unless Chrissy has a mechanical or broken limb there is no reason she shouldn't win.

Monday, October 4, 2010

September Totals

September was an “ok” month.  My running has picked back up due to Cathlene training for her 50k but I’m still slacking on the swimming and didn’t do great on the bike this month.  But I’m still maintaining and believe I’ll be just fine going into Longhorn 70.3.  Weekend runs have been awesome.  Cathlene and I have been meeting up with a group almost every weekend for the past two months and have run 13+ each time.  My knees have been pretty good up until this past weekend on our 16 miler.  I rode 52 the day before and really hammered the hills so my legs were pretty shot and made for a tough run the next day.  I’m feeling some ITBS but nothing to worry too much about.  One more week of training and then taper for Longhorn on Oct 17th.  This is my first half Ironman so I don’t know what to expect.  I’m hoping to break 6 hours and a perfect day would give me sub 5:30.  But knowing how anything can happen I just hope to finish on my two feet un-injured and feeling decent,, not great but decent.  Things will be perfect if I puke at the finish line.

September Totals

Swim: 16,315 yards

Bike: 256.57 miles

Run: 82.79 miles

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

August Totals

August #s were a little bit better from July except my running.  I am slowly building back my mileage due to ITBS in both knees.  Icing, stretching, rolling, E-stim and paying close attention to my running form has allowed me to get in some decent runs the past week.  I was able to run 12 miles last weekend but I kept it at a slow pace and made sure my foot strike and alignment was right on.  If I start getting lazy I can feel it in my knees and I usually pay the price for being lazy.  

Swim: 18,146 yards

Bike: 417.83 miles

Run: 24.31 miles

I am officially signed up for Longhorn 70.3 on October 17th.  After getting that 12 mile run under my belt I feel confident my recovery is headed in the right direction and I’ll be ready in time for Longhorn.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August 18, 2010

It’s been 3 years today since my accident.  I’m not fully recovered but I know I will never be the same.  I took too much of an impact with my shoulder and head (trying to save my bike of course) to ever be 100% back to normal.  I am perfectly ok with that.  3 years ago becoming an Ironman seemed impossible, something only crazy folks do. Well, I did suffer from a high grade concussion so I was probably left a little crazy in the head.  

One of the first things I asked the doctor as I was lying in the hospital was if I was going to be able to compete in my first half Ironman that October.  I didn’t realize that I would be wearing my neck brace through November.  So I got pissed off, said screw the 70.3, I want the whole thing.   It can’t hurt worse than changing the bandages in my arm.

Since August 18, 2007, I have gradually increased my training.  2008 and 2009 seemed pathetic compared to this year.  

To this date from my wreck I have:

Swam – 134.46 miles

Biked – 4,120.88 miles

Ran – 1,268.57 miles

Raced – 35 races, including 1 Ironman, 5 half marathons, 11 shorter runs, and 18 shorter triathlons.

I know these numbers aren’t very amazing or anything considering some people put these up in just one year BUT, this is what I’ve done and how far I’ve gone.   From a hospital bed not knowing if I will ever race again to an Ironman, this is what it took for me to get there.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bridgeland Triathlon

I raced Bridgeland last Sunday after riding 100 miles on Saturday. This race wasnt planned but when I found out about a few friends racing and you could buy a resale packet I jumped on it. I didnt expect a great race and just wanted to get back to racing and have fun.

I felt pretty good during the swim and didn't push too hard. It was a bit crowded but nothing too bad.
500 meter swim
9:57 - 1:59/100m (1:49/100yard)

T1 was awesome! I was first in my age group for T1
T1 - 0:56

Bike was basically and out and back on a flat concrete road. I was in a group of 3 other guys (2 in my age group) that kept passing getting passed, re-passing and on and on. We always stayed 3+ bike lengths between and never drafted. Around mile 9 I put the hammer down and passed them holding 25MPH. 2 of them caught me with around 2 miles to go. Looks like we dropped the 3rd guy that was in the group.
14 mile bike
36:16 - 23.2 MPH

T2 was pretty good too.
T2 - 0:50

The run hurt pretty good. My run has suffered since Ironman due to shredding my knees up so bad. I havent been able to run much since then. I was mostly by myself during the run until about one mile to the finish 2 guys in my age group running just under 7 min miles passed me. I held on their heels for a few seconds until I started dry heaving so I brought my pace back down to something manageable. I figure if Im dry heaving that means I'm basically leaving it all on the course.... which is the only way I race :)
3.5 mile run
26:16 - 7:30 pace

1:14:16 total time
10th place in 25-29 males out of 74
50th place overall out of around 800

July Totals

July training totals:
Swim - 6,637 yards
Bike - 182 miles
Run - 12.2 miles

I slacked way off in July. Still recovering from Ironman. ITBS is still bothering me on my runs. Slowly getting back to training.

Friday, July 16, 2010

June Totals

June was wrapped up with Ironman Coeur d'Alene. Totals were a little low but that was expected. I took a few days/almost 2 weeks completely off from training after Ironman and just started back to training everyday this week. I'm starting back easy and slow as I tried to hammer a run the other day and was reminded that I shredded my knees just a couple weeks ago. ITBS came back but with some rest and easy runs I should be back at my 1 hour runs soon. My next target is Longhorn 70.3 on October 17... I talked Cat into making this our anniversary trip since 2yrs for us will be that Monday :). It should be fun and I'm really ready to put this race in the books. Time to start over. I'm a new guy now, I've got an Ironman logo on my truck ;) So look out Longhorn, Ima bout to make you my.....

June training totals:
Swim - 25,825 yards
Bike - 462 miles
Run - 88.41 miles

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ironman CDA 2010 Race Report

What an amazing experience. I could start from the day we arrived in CDA but that may make two whole books and I only want to write one. So I guess well go from race morning. How bout we start off the last post... Drinking coffee with my dad race morning. ---->

We all headed down to get body marked, check my bike, air up my tires, place all water bottles etc on my bike, turn in my special needs bags and I stopped once by my T1 bag to grab my inhaler for one puff before the start. The beach area was so crowded trying to get from one end to the other. I was freaking out trying to get back to see the family where I planned on putting on my wetsuit. Cathlene followed me close by and kept me from freaking too much. We made it to were everyone was, I pulled on my wetsuit and said my goodbyes. That was tough. "See you guys tonight". Knuckle bumped almost all 36 supporters with a little shake n bake and Cat and I headed toward the entrance to the beach. I put my two caps on (for extra warmth) hugged the hell outa Cat and slowly made my way down to the beach. I made my way to the water to splash myself and then down the beach to the very inside of the buoys. Got my goggles on and ready when they announced 2 minutes until the start.

Before you knew it the cannon went off and all nerves were aside, there was no turning back. I had a special lucky rock in my hand that I collected from Mexico last year at this time with Cat. We had decided then that this lucky rock would travel to CDA and be thrown into the water at the start. (Corney I know, don't judge me). I held on to the rock until I had to open my hand to swim. The first few hundred yards were INSANE, I didn't put my head down for the longest due to the water being so crowded. The red turn buoy seemed forever away and it felt like we would never get to it. I swam mostly on the inside of the buoys and then outside the turn buoy. The turn buoys are where I really feared for my life. It seemed to just stop right at the buoy and swimmers started piling up, you had to tread water for a good bit until everyone could get around and take back off. This meant for elbows to the face, kicks to the legs, and where I started feeling the first of the cramps. Nothing too bad,,, Yet. The swim was brutal. I don't see why its not part of the MMA fights. I started to get some water in my goggles but I toughed it out until we made it out of the first loop. Got out, let the water out of my goggle, and then right back in to the water. I kept telling myself to just stay calm and the swim would happen. I found some open water a couple of times but not enough to really stretch out and swim hard. I found myself singing the finding nemo song "just keep swimming, just keep swimming" to help me stay calm. This second loop is where I started feeling more cramps, first they started in my left calf, then worked up to my hams and when we hit the turn buoys again and had to stop, both legs were hit. OUCH! I made it though, made it to the beach and I was soooooo happy to be finished with the first part of the race. But as soon as I stood up, both legs locked. I hobbled my way out of the shoot and the cramps went away. I knew this was a bad sign, I hardly ever cramp and especially this bad. The wetsuit stripper did their job, as I was headed to the change tent I saw my uncle and aunt in transition asking if I needed anything. I think all I said was man I'm cramping. (I blame the cramps on the cold water)

2.4 Mile Swim = 1:21:09 (2:09/100m pace)

I got my helmet on, socks, shoes, vest, gloves, sunglasses, grabbed the arm warmers, nutrition in my vest etc etc.. Ran through the tent and my aunt was there with sunscreen for me. Made it to my bike, grabbed a bottle to put in my vest and headed on my way.

T1 = 7:56

Out on the bike I felt pretty good. It started off a little cold due to just getting out of the water and my toes were numb so I had on some arm warmers. I took my perpetuem every 30mins as planned. At mile 20 (where the hills really started) my chain popped off while going 7mph uphill. I had tired to shift to an easier gear and I guess shifted too far. I was already riding close to the shoulder with maybe 3 feet to the edge of the road. I was nervous as I unclipped and I heard a guy behind me yelling "hey, hey, hey!" He was trying to pass on my right and must have been right on my wheel. He fell into me from my right side, I put my left foot out to keep us both from falling over and this is where the toe of my cleat broke. I apologized to the guy where he then said he shouldn't had been trying to pass to my right. I thought yeah jerkface, it's not totally my fault. I felt so stupid and wanted to crawl in a hole. It was until I tried to clip back in did I notice something was wrong with my cleat. And then I remembered looking at them before the race thinking they were a little worn down. I just didn't want to change them that close to the race. I even asked my friend Phil about changing them. I was still able to clip in but something felt funny about them. Then I tried pulling up on the pedal and my foot would come right out. From here on I concentrated not to pull with my left leg, only push while pedaling. I scared myself pretty good while bombing down a hill and my foot slipped out of the pedal. And then when I tried to clip back in I kept catching cramps. I saw another aunt and uncle on the way back to CDA. Tried waving at them but I'm so super fast, hahah.. Made it back to town and saw the reason I kept pushing myself to the finish. All my family was there cheering me on. All my worries went away. Around mile 60 I stopped for a pee break and actually looked at the cleat. It was the lip on the toe part of the cleat that broke off. No worries, I made it 40 miles without it I'll be just fine. At special needs I grabbed some salty peanuts hoping they may fix the cramping. This second lap was pretty tough and I found the plastic that broke off my cleat on the same hill. I made myself smile and have fun, enjoyed the beautiful course. I would ride up to people and make jokes to try and pass the time. I had to stop once more and found a tree to water, also found a penny on heads that I picked up. The hills were tough and the wind going back into town was right in your face. I stuck to the plan and didn't push myself too hard on the bike.

112 Mile Bike = 6:43:45 (16.6 MPH)

I made it into T2 and boy was I happy to be off my bike. This was a great feeling. I got off the bike, a volunteer took it from me and racked it while I made my way to the change tent. A ton of my family was in T2, my sister right at my bag, my dad helped me change into my shoes and gave me my other garmin watch for the run. mom, Cat, bro in laws etc. were all there for me with anything I needed. I don't remember coming through transition very well, I do remember sitting down in the tent with my dad. I dumped the bag out to get my shoes and told him there was no way I would finish under 12 hours. I had to run a 3:30 or so marathon to break 12 hours and it just wasn't possible. He assured me that it was ok and to have fun and just finish. No problem dad, I got this.

T2 = 3:07

I started out hurting pretty bad on the run and that pretty much sums up the rest of the marathon. The first half mile I ran right what I planned on, just under 9 min mile pace and then my knees couldn't handle it anymore. I stopped to stretch but nothing helped. My knees were killing me due to the cramping I experienced beforehand (ITBS). If you know anything about ITBS you know that there is little to do once the pain sets in. It only gets worse the more you run. And I had 25 more miles to run. I thought if I could just hold 10 min miles I would be ok. I passed my family again around mile 3-4 and mentioned my ITBands and cramps. Then I was on my own for what seemed forever. The lake was beautiful to run beside and this kept my mind off the pain. I had started to try and run to each aid station, walking through them. (each aid station was about 1 mile apart). This turned into just running as far as I could until I couldn't handle the pain and then I would walk. Sometimes I would push myself a bit further and others I wouldn't make it 100 yards. I would gather as much as possible from each aid station. Chips, pretzels, water, ice, oranges, gatorade it all seemed great. I never felt ill or that my nutrition was off. If anything I may had taken in too much nutrition on the bike (stomach felt a bit full at times). At one point I stopped to get a rock out of my shoe and talked to a family who looked up my splits for me on their computer. Very nice people. I asked them for a beer... Made it back to town and I saw the inspiration again (family). Talked to Edwin and told him I was planning on just having fun, that there was no way I was going to have a good marathon time. That's ok though. Saw my dad, mom, Cat, jenn, travis, greg and the bro in laws etc. and tried to tell them the same. I'm here to finish, and I'm going to finish even if I have to crawl the rest of the way. It was hard seeing everyone at this time. I got real emotional and choked up. I wanted everyone to know that I was having the time of my life and it didn't matter how long it took me, I was going to be and Ironman that night. Made it back through where most of the family was set up and gave everyone my last high fives and such. I was on my own again for the next 10 or so miles. When I got back out to the lake area my sister and bro in law showed up (Jenn and Travis). And just before this I saw my cousins working an aid station that I didn't expect them to be at. I gave them hugs and this got me though the next few miles. Jennifer and Travis would drive up ahead of me, get out and take some pictures until I made it to them. They did this for miles 18-22 or so. Wow this helped so much. I would run when she held the camera up and walk when I saw the camera down (I couldn't have a picture of me WALKING!) haha. Ran walked my way back to town and I figure from mile 23 and on you couldn't wipe the smile off my face while running or walking. Volunteers would say "your almost there" I would pump my fist and just cheese! All these long training days, early mornings, late nights were paying off. I was about to finish. It wasn't until I made the last turn when I really knew I had made it. I wasn't about to walk this last stretch with hundreds of people cheering for you. Besides it was all downhill and the finishing shoot was glowing. Words cant describe my feelings when entering the finishing shoot, I made sure to find Cat and my parents. I stopped to give them hugs and others high fives. Nothing was going to take this moment from me. The finishing shoot was mine. The spectators were great and the energy was amazing. I crossed pumping my fist, (then the Crowie poise) and of course I didn't hear a sound. Everyone says you never remember or hear Mike Reilly say "You are an Ironman" and that seemed true for me. I didn't need to hear it. I had dreamed and visioned this moment for so long. I was there. In the moment. Crossing the finish line, AN IRONMAN.
23.6 Mile Run = 5:37:27 (12:53 pace)

Total Time = 13:53:22

I have so many people to thank for their support. You cant do this alone. From the long training days to the long race day you need your support there for you every step. You guys and girls that were there for me, We did it! My family that came in to support me was awesome! I cant thank you guys enough. I'm pretty sure we had the largest support group at IMCDA.
Ask me five years ago if I were ever to do an Ironman. "No way, not me, those guys are crazy". Bad things may happen but they can always be turned around. I'm coming up on three years of my accident. The Ironman reminded me of that pain, but just like the race, the pain don't last forever. You will have aches every so often but the positives always outweigh the negatives. Our minds and bodies are capable of amazing feats, we just have to push them a bit to get there.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Race Day

Is race morning, I'm nervous, scared, excited and not really sure what I should expect today. I'm eating a pb&j, bagel, banana and sipping some java. It's a little chilly outside with a tad bid of wind (high 50s temp). Looks like it won't break much over 80 and that will be after 3pm today. I'm just hoping for a good race where I feel pretty decent most of the time and plan on having fun today. This is my first Ironman so if I finish, it's a PR. I have so much support here and I couldn't ask for more. I have over 30 family members here to cheer me on. I'm stoked! Let's do this! Shake n bake!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Headed Out

Im just about all packed up and ready to go.. This has been pretty nerve racking trying to get everything together, hoping I dont forget anything. I cant wait to get there and get in some short workouts. Mostly ready to check out the freezing water temp but also excited to be going from the TX heat (95+) to about 75 for the high. The forecast for race day has changed so much so Im not sure what to expect. Its mostly been looking pretty good though. Im prepared for anything.

Been looking forward to this for so long. Im already loving the excitement and whatdayaknow, Ironman TEXAS should be announced TODAY! Looks like I will be signing up for another Ironman before I even do my first one. Im thinking they will announce and then open up registration Saturday or so right before CDA to give people the opportunity to figure out which one they would like to do next year. So Im ready to drop the $550+ for registration... If all goes according to plan, IMTX will be a HUGE event for some friends and I. Already tons of friends are saying they will be here to race... IMTX will be EPIC. EPIC I SAY!!! Be there! ;)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The journey

Woke up this morning to an article in my hometown paper about my Ironman journey written by a great friend. I like how he put it out there that yeah, thousands of people complete the Ironman. I'm no one special but I do have a different story on how I've come to this point. This race just isn't my first Ironman, it's much more than that, and not only to myself but all my family and friends who understand what it has taken to get here. Everyone has their own story to tell. Life isn't easy and sometimes we hit a speedbump (or in my case a Suburban) but we can't give up.

QUARLES: Friend overcomes wreck to compete in first Ironman Triathlon
By EDWIN QUARLES/The Lufkin Daily News | Posted: Sunday, June 20, 2010 12:15 am

Next Sunday one of my friends will be in Idaho to compete in his first Ironman Triathlon. A lot of people are going to support him, and it seems his entire family will be there.
I know it’s not as if he’s the only one to ever compete in Ironman Triathlon, which consists of a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride and 26.2-mile run, but knowing him and knowing some of what he went through to get to this point makes it more impressive.
In August of 2007 Jeremy Webb was finishing up a 56-mile bike ride with his sister Jennifer. He was riding downhill in a Lufkin neighborhood when a Chevy Suburban made a left turn in front of him. He smashed into the back-seat passenger side window. Thankfully he was wearing a helmet.
Jennifer was a little ways behind and when she topped the hill she saw her brother lying in the street.
He was taken to a local hospital where tests revealed that his neck was broken in three places.
I had just finished up a round of golf with Jeremy’s dad an hour or so before I got a phone call about what happened. A friend and I went to the hospital emergency room and talked to Jeremy. He asked repeatedly what had happened. I kept thinking that he’d probably never be able to get on the bike again. And if he could, he probably wouldn’t want to.
He was sent to a Houston hospital for surgery and was told that if he moved wrong he could be paralyzed.
More X-rays and an MRI showed his neck was stable and he wouldn’t need surgery. The three broken vertebrae turned out to be one. He had surgery on his shoulder and lots of glass was removed from under his skin. He was in a neck brace for about three months.
When he was able to, he got back on his bike. There’s still some soreness at times and the scars left behind are a reminder of the wreck. But it didn’t cause him to quit.
He kept riding, and running and swimming. Now he’s one week from achieving his goal of completing an Ironman.
I don’t know if he knows this but every time I run down that hill where he had his wreck, or drive down it, I think about what happened to him. And most times when I’m running, it encourages me to keep going.
The guy called Worm, a nickname that a friend and I stuck him with when he was little, never gave up. Even when there had to be some fear about getting back on his bike, he did it. Even when the training got tough and the temperatures heated up, he completed his 100-plus mile training rides, an 18-mile run and 3,000-meter swims.
We should all have that much determination in the things we want to accomplish.
Edwin Quarles is city editor of The Lufkin Daily News.
His e-mail address is

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Final Push For Ironman CDA

So I wrapped up my last week of hard training this past weekend. This was by far the hardest week of training since I started back in October. I went into Monday with a huge week just before including a 100 mile ride and 18 mile run, not to mention our air conditioner went out on Saturday. No AC in the Houston heat is pretty dang tough. So I had to deal with 4 different days of AC repairman coming out to try and fix the problem this week and it took them 7 days. So we were without AC for 7 days in 90+ degree heat. Boooooo. I was not a happy camper. And “camper” is how I felt with all the fans and sleeping downstairs on a blowup mattress etc, etc… Trying to stay motivated during this was tough. Then Thursday I took off work feeling sick and sleepy and just worn out. About mid-day I received a horrible phone call that a family member was in a tragic accident and didn’t make it. I don’t want to go into details. I was ready to pack up, head to my parents and start my taper a few days early. Nothing mattered but being with my family.
Cathlene got home later that evening and informed me that she and Shannon had been planning on dinner with some great friends. Phil and Kate were flying in Friday from NY to surprise me and push me through my final hard weekend of training. This totally made my day when she told me. Emotions were out of control this week. I was pissed about the AC, sad about the family tragedy and then happy that I have friends that care that much about me. After Phil and Kate got in we took them to Beavers and had some good TX BBQ and Firemans #4. Then Phil informed me that I didn’t get a rest day just because they came in, we were running today. Geez if I wouldof realized that maybe I would have held off on all the beer! I took Phil on a route that showed him a good bit of my everyday training runs. We left the house through areas where the Marathon course went, to Memorial park around the 3 mile loop, out through a portion of the MTB trails and then back down San Felipe to the house. Ended up getting in just under 12 miles.

That night we met up with FKN Doug and Shannon at Chuys to have Mexican food and drink more beer. I was informed that Phil was here to ride with Devin and I on my last long ride Saturday morning. Phil would ride my Javelin and we were staying out at Shannons parents house that night and rolling out the next morning. Her parents live basically on the same loop we normally ride out near Fulshear so it was nice not to have to drive that morning. Devin arrived around 7, Shannon and Phil went to Chick Fil A earlier to grab breakfast and we rolled out around 7:20. We had a great ride with some really tough wind. I struggled to not get dropped on the way back in. We got in 58 miles and that was plenty for me. Devin headed home (acting like he wouldn’t see me again before the race); Phil and I drank more beer then headed to BWW for wings, beer and the USA vs England soccer game.

Many beers later around 4pm we headed back to Shannons parents place. On the way in the neighborhood Phil said “hey I was told that you should read all of the signs”… haha this was awesome; someone else on the SAME street was having an Ironman party! Wait, they are team Webb too! CRAZY.. And who is this guy with the same name!? Walked in the door and of course I blamed everything on my wing man,,, “Phil got me drunk”. Then I started seeing some of my friends sitting around, they were like “Heeeyyyy, surprise, your uhh early”.. Apparently we were 30 minutes early and Phil can’t read Texas time. I was so stoked, more friends started arriving and the party started. I couldn’t believe all these guys/gals were here in support of my first Ironman. Im still smiling about the whole night and I can’t describe that feeling of having all my closest friends there for me. That truly means a lot to me and I will carry that night with me to the finish line. I feel so blessed to have this much support… It was a great night with lots of beer and plenty of good times to reminisce on for many years. I can’t thank everyone who showed up enough. You guys ROCK.

Special thanks to Shannon for starting/planning the weekend, Cathlene for dealing with my training blues over the months and still wanting to throw me a party and not throw me in the bayou behind the party house, Phil and Kate for going out of their way to fly in for the weekend just to send me off, Devin for going on many training rides with me, and all my family and friends that came to the party or are coming straight to Idaho next week and of course God and little baby Jesus or big Jesus with a suit and tie on. So many to thank and so many have supported me.

So that’s how the final weekend push went. I feel so much better about my race. All the work is in the bag and I’m just in cruise control until 7am on June 27th. I’ve put a lot of miles and hours in for this race. Training started at the end of October 09 and I got a good plan to work with starting in January of this year. Being coached was nice and having someone there to answer my questions was good but I’m not sure I got what I expected. I’ve been an athlete all through HS and I kinda expected a coach to act more like that, more personal etc. I got a great plan, learned a lot and don’t believe I would do things much different. I feel ready for my race. I am ready… Bring it! SHAKE n’ BAKE!And were off (didnt know Cathlene was taking this pic)
Signs the girls made

Ironman cookie cake (nothing wrong with some cake every now and then)
Lets get this party started! (beer noodle bongs for everyone!)


Sunday, May 30, 2010

May Totals

Wowza Im putting up "May totals" which means this is JUNE, well tomorrow is June.. Call me captain obvious cuz Im cool like that...I had a pretty good month and put in some decent numbers. My legs feel it too. Im still feeling strong and ready for the big day. Finished another 18+ hour week last week. Ill do it again this week and then one last push with a 20 hour week including my last century ride..

Nerves are getting to me and Im pretty sure Im being a little difficult to live with at the time. ;) Good thing Cathlene loves me. Im moody, tired, hungry, tired, freaking out, tired, and tired. and mostly hungry and tired together. But I still have time to enjoy my beer or rum. Good thing is this is all NORMAL.. So dont freak on me. Supposly everyone racing CDA is getting a little wirey (wirey, did I make that up?). Staying motivated can be difficult but ive found the best thing to do is not give myself any other options besides working out. Its what I do, kinda like breathing... So on the way home from work when I never feel like stopping by the pool I just do it. Just Do It, like Nike. Nike Air Jordans. There are no other options. none, zip. and if I do skip out Im just doing myself more harm and could potentially be disapointing everyone rooting for me. Im a little delirious so if this makes no sense at all please forgive me. Im tired, hungry tired and delirious.

Swim = 29,582 Yards (9.82 hours)

Bike = 602.17 Miles (40.32 hours)

Run = 112.62 Miles (17.03 hours)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Silverlake (sprint) / 20 hour week

Silverlake (sprint) Triathlon/20 hour week

I finished my first 20 hour week last week!! Im so stoked and feel pretty fricking amazing considering all the training… Thanks to Shannon I received a free entry into the triathlon on Sunday but I also had my first 100 mile ride scheduled for this day. So I did what any triathlete would do, signed up for the race and moved my 100-miler to the day beforeJ.

To throw another twist in things, Saturdays weather forecast called for rain, and lots of it… For once the weather man was dead on. Devin and I met with a group from our local Tri club to do a 55 mile loop where we would ride with them the first loop and do the second loop on our own. Well to keep things short, we rode for 6 hours 54 minutes in the pouring rain where at times you couldn’t see the road (not safe at all and probably stupid on our part) but dangit we didn’t stop… We only got lost once on the second loop and didn’t have too many close calls with the traffic. 114 miles at 16.5 MPH pace… I did a 2 mile transition run right off the bike and felt great. I was tired and my neck, geez, my neck is/was sore but overall I felt goooood and freaking stoked!

Sunday came around and I was tired and a bit sore. It was hard to wake up but I made myself (with a little help from Cathlene). Wetsuit Legal! Got to transition with 15 minutes to set up. Racked my bike in a fire ant bed, beat the ants off me, moved my bike to the end of the rack, set back up in 5 minutes…

Swim 400 meters: I started to the outside front of the wave and when the gun went off I jumped right out in front (after cutting my toe on something in the mud). I felt good the entire swim and led the wave for the first 200meters.. A 12 year old passed me and I tried to draft off him but he pulled on ahead. No problems in the swim and I came out of the water 3rd in my age group. (BTW that 12 year old finished 2nd….OVERALL!)(edit-the kid was 14 but looked 12 in the water,,lol, and finished 4th overall,, who knows if hes the one who zoomed by me)

Swim time: 7:38 (1:44/100 yard pace)

T1: Was fast and easy. Shoes already clipped in, wetsuit off, helmet on, grab bike and go.

T1 time: 1:21

Bike 10 miles: The bike hurt. I was only passed by two guys and I re-passed one of the guys in T2. My legs were dead on the bike. Quads were hurting and it was hard to push. Around mile 7 they really started to feel dead.

Bike time: 27:53 (21.5 MPH)
T2: Good dismount, racked bike, helmet off, shoes on, grabbed hat and race # and go. Beat a guy in my AG out of T2.

T2 time: 0.49

Run 3 miles: Right from the start I had a guy running on my heels. I kept thinking he was going to pass but he never made his move. So then I thought maybe he was fading and I could push him too hard. Didn’t happen and I had an eerie feeling that he was in my age group… I found out at mile 2 when he picked up the pace and put a small gap in between us. I tried to close in but I could only hold my own. He’s the only person who passed me on the run and I pulled him most of the way. (I bet he got a good night’s rest and didn’t ride 114 miles the day before)…

Run time: 20:10 (6:43 pace)

Total time: 57:54

4th in age group

20th overall

I finished off the day with a 2 hour trainer ride to break 20 hours.

Im disappointed that I didn’t podium but I’m pretty happy with my results. I can’t expect to have a great race to cap off a 20 hour week with my first century ride mixed in. I can’t expect to, but that doesn’t mean I don’t WANT to! This week and weekend was a big confidence booster with Ironman coming up. I feel strong and good about where I’m at with my training. I know I have put in the time for Ironman and I still have 3 good weeks to put in some more. I have my nutrition figured out and I’m very confident that unless something major happens, I will finish within the allotted time.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

8 Weeks

I just finished up a 4 hour ride followed by a 1 hour run and I was thinking a lot about these next few weeks. Im also trying to figure out my nutrition and what I plan on wearing based on the weather (all tips are welcome)... I think I have my nutrition down I just have to figure out how Im going to execute it during the race (how many bottles, what to put in special needs, etc)..

Ive got 8 weeks until Ironman. This means I have about 6 weeks to train before beginning taper.. This also means that I truly only have 5 weeks of good solid training left. I have two weeks of build, one week recovery, three weeks build then recovery and taper for the big day.... I cant miss any workouts these next few weeks. I haven't missed many in the first place but I'm making sure I hit all these weeks dead on. I have two huge weeks at 20+ hours that include a century ride in each. This will be my first time to hit 100 miles on the bike. EXCITING huh!!? Lets do this, bring on the fun!
Lake Coeur d'Alene

April Totals

April consisted of two races and more recovery weeks landed in April than previous months. Soooo my totals are down a bit this month. Still feeling great with no injuries (fingers crossed). 2 more months to go and I'm steadily getting stronger and faster ;)

April Totals:

Swim = 19,350 yards, 6.28 hours

Bike = 414.85 miles, 28.67 hours

Run = 90.93 miles, 15.56 hours

CB&I Triathlon (sprint)

500 meter swim, 15 mile bike, 5k run...

I love this race. Its flat fast and crowed.. I hate the crowded part though. I raced here last year and finished in a time of 1 hour 14 minutes placing 7th in my age group. I was hoping to be top 3 this year.

Had my morning coffee, muffin and a banana before the race while sipping on some Hornet Juice and Gatorade. Also drank a lot of water to mix in with the sugary stuff. Seemed to work for me.
The water temp was 76 degrees so just enough to make it wetsuit legal and I always wear my wetsuit if it is legal. I got into the water and made my way to the front. The swim was super crowed. I was swimming over people, being swam over, being punched by little kids that I wanted to punch back but I didn't (putting ages 29 and under in one wave = bad idea). I finally got into a rhythm after the first turn buoy but then started hitting the stragglers from the previous waves. This made it even more crowded and at times I had to stop and breast stroke around these fools. Sighting seemed tough in my newish goggles (a bit tinted and it was cloudy out).
Swim = 8:42 (1:44/m)

I was able to get out of my wetsuit pretty quick, throw on my glasses, helmet and I was off. First time I started the bike with my shoes already clipped in and it worked like a charm.
T1 = 1:14

The bike course was very crowded and it was hard to stay out of packs. I managed to hang back or in front of this certain pack most of the time. One 16 year old was pissing everyone off. He wasnt even trying not to draft and at one time pulled right in front of me barely missing my front wheel. Geez kid ya trying to kill someone. The bike course was flat with a few turns and FAST. Fast=Fun
Bike = 38:27 (23.4mph)

T2 went smooth, jumped off bike already out of my shoes, racked, both zoots on, grab bib # and hat and I was off.
T2 = 0:47

I was hoping to run sub 7 min miles for the 5k but I havent rested my legs since last weekend. This included a 12.5 mile run just two days ago. Coach said this was an "Ironman Simulator" race. I felt pretty good the entire run and grabbed some water at the aid stations to pour over my head and wet my mouth. It had started getting pretty hot on the run.. With about 200 yards to go I started hearing some guys behind me. They were cheering on a friend. When this friend of theirs passed me I noticed he was in my age group. I couldnt hang, I tried to kick harder but was giving all I had without puking. The guys cheering for him were on "medical bikes" and were riding on each side of him. Whatever... When I crossed the finish my name was announced as "Jeremy Webb training for IMCDA"... haha this put a huge smile on my face.. Reminds me that the BIG day is still to come..
Run = 21:52 (7:01 pace)

Total time = 1:11:04 (1st in my age group was 1:08:08) I placed 6th in my age group and 32nd overall.

Had a few pigs ears (beers) post race and hung out with Cat and the rest of team BA..

Monday, April 26, 2010

Lonestar Olympic (Duathlon)

This past Saturday I was supposed to race in my first triathlon of the season. Well a storm was passing through that morning and the wind was blowing like crazy so the swim was canceled. I was pissed. They said over the speaker that they couldnt keep the buoys in place. I call BS on that. They know Galveston has some extreme wind so I truly believe they were/shouldof been prepared for that... I read on a forum that the head lifeguard called off the swim saying it was too choppy making it tough for them to see the swimmers. Thats a little better excuse but still...
Its not like the waves were like this..
This was the bay..

So with the swim canceled I was pissed so I started asking around if there was any way I could switch from the Olympic (on Saturday) to the 70.3 (the next day on Sunday). I couldnt find the right person to ask and it was getting close to the "duathlon" to start so I finally manned up and did what I came there to do... well, without the swim part...

The duathlon was just the regular olympic tri without the swim. They started us off on the bike TT style allowing one person to go every 3 seconds. I was already in my shoes when I started. We still had to run past the timing mat and to the mount line. I didnt have the best mount but thats just a couple seconds lost. The bike is an out and back down the coastline so you are guarenteed a strong wind in your face one way or the other... I seemed to forget about this head/cross wind and hammered on the way out.. The wind was mostly at my back and I was holding 23 to 25mph.. Until I hit the turn around. On the way back in it was hard to hold 18MPH. I just watched my average MPH go down. :( (oh and for nutrition I had 2 hammer gels and hornet juice mixed with gatorade)
Total Bike time = 1:13:07 (20.4 MPH)
T2 = 1:07

The run is my favorite... I started out cruising along feeling pretty good. Had a few rough spots where I had to slow it down a bit but overall held a good steady pace. I drank water at every aid station and toward the end just grabbed a cup to wet my mouth and pour over my head. Finished strong with no problems... (thought I may had pulled something in my butt, but all is well)
Total Run time = 46:07 (7:25 pace) which is my new 10k pr.
Total Time = 2:00:20
17th in my age group

Sunday we volunteered to escort the pros for drug testing. This ended up being pretty fun and interesting. We were able to be right in the finishing shoot when they crossed. As soon as they had all their pictures taken and caught their breath we were to read them their rights! or read them some rules on what would happen the next 60 minutes. We basically had to stalk our assigned athlete until they made their way to the doping room (we were to lead them there). They had 60 minutes to get there and had to be watched the entire time (incase they wanted to drink something that would skew the drug test results). I was assigned 2nd place male which ended up being Timothy O’Donnell. He was a cool cat.
Cathlene was assigned 1st place female which ended up being Samantha McGlone.
We also got to meet Terenzo Bozzone, Chris Lieto and Heather Fuhr.

Chris Lieto on the run
Terenzo Bozzone on the run
Terenzo on the left, Tim, then me.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Found my old pole vault videos from High School. Thought I would save them to the computer for backup and then I made a short clip of my two best vaults in HS. Clearing 13'3" to win the meet and tie our HS school record then 13'6" to break the record. Pole vaulting was my life...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

March Totals

a few days late but whatever... I'm king of d trees. Wrote this a few days ago. Just now posting. Busy busy.

So another month has gone by.. On to April.  

Ironman is less than 3 months out, less than 13 weeks, less than 90 days…  I think Im getting there.  Im pretty confident I will finish the race which is my main goal.  I can’t go in to this race expecting to have a super fast finishing time.  Too much can happen and I’ve never been through it before.  But that doesn't mean I don’t have a time I’m trying to finish under... besides 17hrs.  So between now and then all I can do is keep piling on the miles, follow my plan to a “T” and hopefully it will all come together in June.  I will use any extra time I have to get in more hours of training but ensure myself to not overtrain.  I must get to the lake shore uninjured and healthy…

March Totals:

Swim = 33,200 yards, 11.17 hours

Bike  = 509.33 miles, 35.74 hours

Run = 103.08 miles, 16.68 hours

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ironman Training...ugh

I have never trained so much/hard in my life. Truthfully, this is only the second time I have followed a "plan". Most of the time I'm just competing in sprints and other short distance races. My workouts would just happen,, depended on how I felt that day. The only other time I followed a plan was for Longhorn 70.3 2007. And that race didn't happen.

Ironman training has been fun but man is it tough to get all my workouts in. Last week was one of my toughest weeks so far. My in-laws were staying with us, my parents came in and we went to the rodeo 3 nights in a row. And going to the rodeo means beer.. And rum/coke.. Yeah :) ... But I still had to get up at 4:30 and get half of my workouts in for the day. I rode the trainer in the dark playing on my phone (all rooms were taken and I didn't wanna flip on the light and wake Cathlene). She actually slept right through the rides. As soon as I got home from work I would go directly to the pool or to run so I could spend some time with the family or head to the rodeo. My brother in law ran and swam with me a few times so that made things easier.

I needed this week though. I proved to myself and hopefully my family that nothing will stop me. I was able to spend a lot of time with the family and still get in my training. I would "pad" my workouts here and there so if I had to cut one short, it wasn't a big deal. I was scheduled to do 17 hours and I ended up getting in 18+ hours.

This race means so much to me... I must do my part,, it's not that hard after your workout is finished. What's hard is starting. Starting your workout,,, starting your training program. Getting to the "start" line.
I always finish something I start,, that's how my parents raised me.

To all you Ironman finishers, I respect the hell outa you,, you can't fake this stuff. I hope to join your ranks soon...

Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Totals

Wow what a month... What a week! I just had the biggest week so far in my IM training and I feel pretty dang good...
I had a little setback with some minor hip problems this month but that seems to be going away pretty fast. I think I went too hard on the trainer without a proper workout and strained my hip flexors.. (According to doc Cat).. Cant wait to really call her Doc Cat. I keep telling her to go back to school.. One day, soon.. Then hopefully she can read my mind! ;)

I just finished up an 18 hour week. I PR'd my 10k yesterday and today rode the longest I have EVER!
Ran a 47:21 at the Rodeo Run 10k yesterday. And I negative split the run! First 5k was 24:03 and the second was 23:17.. 7:37 pace overall.

Swim: 33,799 yards = 11.63 hours
Bike: 257.17 miles = 18.83 hours
Run: 120.85 miles = 20.36 hours

On to next week where Coach has 17 hours scheduled for me then a recovery week! Woot!

So what if this has nothing to do with triathlon..
Its an old Forestry Wildlife picture of my Field Station class.
(who am I?? yep, in the middle with a blue hardhat.) This was dinner :) mmmmm

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Austin Half Marathon

Cathlene and I both ran the Austin half marathon. We were both
treating this as a fun long training run so we didn’t feel too guilty
staying up late the night before on 6th with Philip, Kate, Bill, Shannon and Doug..
(Shiner bock=carb loading).
On race morning we met everyone in the lobby of our hotel and made
it to the start line by around 6:30am. I ended up running with Phil and Bill. Phil was running his first “stand alone” marathon while Bill was running the half (Phil, Bill, Phil, Bill, Phil, Bill hahahaha,,, sorry I tend to entertain myself sometimes). We all had the same goals for this so we ran together until the half course split from the full.

I had been instructed to stay base and keep my HR in zone 2 which I maintained until the last few miles when Bill and I started picking up the pace. The course started out with a nice long steady hill. You really couldn’t notice the elevation change. Then coming back into town it was a long downhill where you could pick up a lot of free speed,,, and I HAD to in order to keep up with these guys.. They were flying down the hills. I never realized how fast you could go down hills and not really be out of breath.

The last major hill around mile 12 was gruesome. I had to walk a bit of it. It totally sucked, I thought I was gonna fall backwards. I needed a rope to pull myself up to the top,, It was a freaking MOUNTAIN. Should of brought some chalk to grip the crevices,, and a safety harness,,, I think there was snow on the top of that hill........ Ok ok you get the idea..

I ended up finishing in 1:54 and change. The course was nice but at
times it got a bit crowded when the roads narrowed. The finish was
also very crowded due to having the photos, medals and tshirt
distribution relatively close to each other. Cathlene also had a
great race and pretty much destroyed those hills. DESTROYED!
It was a good test for the both of us since we rarely get to run hills. After the race I got to meet female pro triathlete and winner of the half marathon, Desiree Ficker. Im not bragging or anything but Im pretty sure she wanted my # ;) ..
Just look at the hand placement.

(Shiner and Firemans #4 are great recovery drinks,, I felt no pain Sunday night)

Thanks to everyone who rocked out with us that weekend! We had an awesome time...

L-R: Phil, Me, Bill, Cathlene

Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Totals

This was my first full month of straight Ironman training. Everything was at low effort since I am still in base. Coaching from ZenTri is going great and I'm feeling pretty good about hitting my goal at IMCDA.

Swim: 28,000 yards = 16.19 miles = 10.4 hours
Bike: 314.65 miles = 24.23 hours
Run: 102.41 miles = 17.92 hours

I'm feeling pretty good, injury free and ready for February! The hardest thing for me right now is getting motivated to swim when its cold (even though the pool is closed when temp is below 45) and also holding back on my workouts and not going too hard.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Houston Half Marathon

This is gonna be brief and to the point (maybe)... Race started at 7am. We arrived around 6:20 (my parents, wife and myself). It wasn't too hard finding a park so we made it with plenty of time to get in the proper corral. I was in the front corral so I did the Webb "Shake n Bake" knuckle bumps with my family (cause thats how I normally roll) and made my way to the start. I was looking for Bill and my friend Mauricio but couldn't find them when the gun went off. For the first mile I was trying to maneuver around slower folks and I finally made it to Bill. Good thing because I was probably going out too fast. I felt really good and a PR seemed doable. We aimed at running right at 7:40 miles and hit it right on almost every mile. I found my sister and her husband at mile 5 taking pictures and gave them some high fives (stole some energy from em). Made it to mile 9 at the turnaround mark feeling good and still hanging with Bill but around mile 10 I had to slack off. I told Bill to go ahead and aim for his PR (around 1:39) so he took off with me trailing. I gathered myself back and picked up the pace around mile 11.5. Found Bill again at this point and he said he wasn't feeling the PR and decided to pace me in. I finished with all I had in 1:41:31, a 7:44 pace and my new PR!! My slowest mile was 7:58 (according to Garmin). I'm pretty happy with not breaking in to the 8min mark (I was very close at times)

We got our finisher stuff, food and of course beer then Cathlene called us to say my dad was in the med tent. He stopped at mile 9 with pretty bad chest pain. He was released but should be going to see a Dr this week. We were pretty worried about him and hope its all minor issues. He said this would be his last half marathon. My mom finished her half in 3:09 and Cathlene finished in 2:46! Great job guys!. I'm very proud of my awesome family! Its become a tradition to run Houston. My sister wasn't able to run this year due to a torn PCL..
I'm super stoked to say that my buddy Shannon finished her very first Marathon in 6 hours even! She had some knee issues so we made it out to mile 24 to help run her in the last stretch... Good job pushing through the pain Shannon. You are now a "marathon runner".
My sisters SIL, Kori, also finished her first marathon! Good job guys! So stoked for everyone!! :)
.L-R: Bill, Cathlene, Mom, Me, Dad, Kori