Sunday, January 17, 2010

Houston Half Marathon

This is gonna be brief and to the point (maybe)... Race started at 7am. We arrived around 6:20 (my parents, wife and myself). It wasn't too hard finding a park so we made it with plenty of time to get in the proper corral. I was in the front corral so I did the Webb "Shake n Bake" knuckle bumps with my family (cause thats how I normally roll) and made my way to the start. I was looking for Bill and my friend Mauricio but couldn't find them when the gun went off. For the first mile I was trying to maneuver around slower folks and I finally made it to Bill. Good thing because I was probably going out too fast. I felt really good and a PR seemed doable. We aimed at running right at 7:40 miles and hit it right on almost every mile. I found my sister and her husband at mile 5 taking pictures and gave them some high fives (stole some energy from em). Made it to mile 9 at the turnaround mark feeling good and still hanging with Bill but around mile 10 I had to slack off. I told Bill to go ahead and aim for his PR (around 1:39) so he took off with me trailing. I gathered myself back and picked up the pace around mile 11.5. Found Bill again at this point and he said he wasn't feeling the PR and decided to pace me in. I finished with all I had in 1:41:31, a 7:44 pace and my new PR!! My slowest mile was 7:58 (according to Garmin). I'm pretty happy with not breaking in to the 8min mark (I was very close at times)

We got our finisher stuff, food and of course beer then Cathlene called us to say my dad was in the med tent. He stopped at mile 9 with pretty bad chest pain. He was released but should be going to see a Dr this week. We were pretty worried about him and hope its all minor issues. He said this would be his last half marathon. My mom finished her half in 3:09 and Cathlene finished in 2:46! Great job guys!. I'm very proud of my awesome family! Its become a tradition to run Houston. My sister wasn't able to run this year due to a torn PCL..
I'm super stoked to say that my buddy Shannon finished her very first Marathon in 6 hours even! She had some knee issues so we made it out to mile 24 to help run her in the last stretch... Good job pushing through the pain Shannon. You are now a "marathon runner".
My sisters SIL, Kori, also finished her first marathon! Good job guys! So stoked for everyone!! :)
.L-R: Bill, Cathlene, Mom, Me, Dad, Kori


Austin said...

Fantasic time bruv! :D
Well done.

Brybrarobry said...

Great Job. Congrats on the PB. Make sure your dad goes to the Dr.

Amy (2for1) said...

Woohoo! Way to go, fool! And that's a fantastic happy photo!! Rock on!

Anonymous said...

Wow, great job on your PR! I think that's so cool that all of your family runs together. I'm hoping to beat 2:16 at my half next month :)

Jamie said...

Awesome time Gusano! Well done.

I hope your dad gets checked out and everything turns out okay.

Anonymous said...

That was such a bad ass day! I wish I hadn't taken so long to get in so that we could have had some time in the beer time, though! Thanks so much for running me in! Y'all saved me!!!

Congrats on your PR! You are crazy!!! IMCDA doesn't even know what's coming!