Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Totals

This was my first full month of straight Ironman training. Everything was at low effort since I am still in base. Coaching from ZenTri is going great and I'm feeling pretty good about hitting my goal at IMCDA.

Swim: 28,000 yards = 16.19 miles = 10.4 hours
Bike: 314.65 miles = 24.23 hours
Run: 102.41 miles = 17.92 hours

I'm feeling pretty good, injury free and ready for February! The hardest thing for me right now is getting motivated to swim when its cold (even though the pool is closed when temp is below 45) and also holding back on my workouts and not going too hard.


Anonymous said...


WOW!!! Stay after it!

Austin said...

Excellent work!
January was a bit of a down month for me, my totals are a FRACTION of that. seriously, well done! when is your IM?

Gusano said...

Thanks Yall... June 27th is the day..