Sunday, February 21, 2010

Austin Half Marathon

Cathlene and I both ran the Austin half marathon. We were both
treating this as a fun long training run so we didn’t feel too guilty
staying up late the night before on 6th with Philip, Kate, Bill, Shannon and Doug..
(Shiner bock=carb loading).
On race morning we met everyone in the lobby of our hotel and made
it to the start line by around 6:30am. I ended up running with Phil and Bill. Phil was running his first “stand alone” marathon while Bill was running the half (Phil, Bill, Phil, Bill, Phil, Bill hahahaha,,, sorry I tend to entertain myself sometimes). We all had the same goals for this so we ran together until the half course split from the full.

I had been instructed to stay base and keep my HR in zone 2 which I maintained until the last few miles when Bill and I started picking up the pace. The course started out with a nice long steady hill. You really couldn’t notice the elevation change. Then coming back into town it was a long downhill where you could pick up a lot of free speed,,, and I HAD to in order to keep up with these guys.. They were flying down the hills. I never realized how fast you could go down hills and not really be out of breath.

The last major hill around mile 12 was gruesome. I had to walk a bit of it. It totally sucked, I thought I was gonna fall backwards. I needed a rope to pull myself up to the top,, It was a freaking MOUNTAIN. Should of brought some chalk to grip the crevices,, and a safety harness,,, I think there was snow on the top of that hill........ Ok ok you get the idea..

I ended up finishing in 1:54 and change. The course was nice but at
times it got a bit crowded when the roads narrowed. The finish was
also very crowded due to having the photos, medals and tshirt
distribution relatively close to each other. Cathlene also had a
great race and pretty much destroyed those hills. DESTROYED!
It was a good test for the both of us since we rarely get to run hills. After the race I got to meet female pro triathlete and winner of the half marathon, Desiree Ficker. Im not bragging or anything but Im pretty sure she wanted my # ;) ..
Just look at the hand placement.

(Shiner and Firemans #4 are great recovery drinks,, I felt no pain Sunday night)

Thanks to everyone who rocked out with us that weekend! We had an awesome time...

L-R: Phil, Me, Bill, Cathlene


Philip LaVoie said...

That was a blast! We had such a good time (it felt like a week long vacation)... and i think you should send that pic of you and des to bill at least once a week ;)

Thanks for coming over to hang out with us yanks and showing us around town.


oh yeah, you mentioned the des hand placement... but where's my left hand?

Jamie said...

I'd say "nice race" except I didn't read this post at all. I was just oogling at the pic of Des.

In all seriousness, nice job man. Feeling like you are getting ready for CdA?

Anonymous said...

We'll party like rock stars with y'all anytime! Had a freakin' blast!!!

Gusano said...

Yeah guys it was a blast! watch your hand placement there phil...

Jamie- Yeah Im feeling really good. I cant wait til June.