Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Totals

Wow what a month... What a week! I just had the biggest week so far in my IM training and I feel pretty dang good...
I had a little setback with some minor hip problems this month but that seems to be going away pretty fast. I think I went too hard on the trainer without a proper workout and strained my hip flexors.. (According to doc Cat).. Cant wait to really call her Doc Cat. I keep telling her to go back to school.. One day, soon.. Then hopefully she can read my mind! ;)

I just finished up an 18 hour week. I PR'd my 10k yesterday and today rode the longest I have EVER!
Ran a 47:21 at the Rodeo Run 10k yesterday. And I negative split the run! First 5k was 24:03 and the second was 23:17.. 7:37 pace overall.

Swim: 33,799 yards = 11.63 hours
Bike: 257.17 miles = 18.83 hours
Run: 120.85 miles = 20.36 hours

On to next week where Coach has 17 hours scheduled for me then a recovery week! Woot!

So what if this has nothing to do with triathlon..
Its an old Forestry Wildlife picture of my Field Station class.
(who am I?? yep, in the middle with a blue hardhat.) This was dinner :) mmmmm

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Philip LaVoie said...

Nice work dude... glad the aches are going away & love the pic. ha!