Monday, April 26, 2010

Lonestar Olympic (Duathlon)

This past Saturday I was supposed to race in my first triathlon of the season. Well a storm was passing through that morning and the wind was blowing like crazy so the swim was canceled. I was pissed. They said over the speaker that they couldnt keep the buoys in place. I call BS on that. They know Galveston has some extreme wind so I truly believe they were/shouldof been prepared for that... I read on a forum that the head lifeguard called off the swim saying it was too choppy making it tough for them to see the swimmers. Thats a little better excuse but still...
Its not like the waves were like this..
This was the bay..

So with the swim canceled I was pissed so I started asking around if there was any way I could switch from the Olympic (on Saturday) to the 70.3 (the next day on Sunday). I couldnt find the right person to ask and it was getting close to the "duathlon" to start so I finally manned up and did what I came there to do... well, without the swim part...

The duathlon was just the regular olympic tri without the swim. They started us off on the bike TT style allowing one person to go every 3 seconds. I was already in my shoes when I started. We still had to run past the timing mat and to the mount line. I didnt have the best mount but thats just a couple seconds lost. The bike is an out and back down the coastline so you are guarenteed a strong wind in your face one way or the other... I seemed to forget about this head/cross wind and hammered on the way out.. The wind was mostly at my back and I was holding 23 to 25mph.. Until I hit the turn around. On the way back in it was hard to hold 18MPH. I just watched my average MPH go down. :( (oh and for nutrition I had 2 hammer gels and hornet juice mixed with gatorade)
Total Bike time = 1:13:07 (20.4 MPH)
T2 = 1:07

The run is my favorite... I started out cruising along feeling pretty good. Had a few rough spots where I had to slow it down a bit but overall held a good steady pace. I drank water at every aid station and toward the end just grabbed a cup to wet my mouth and pour over my head. Finished strong with no problems... (thought I may had pulled something in my butt, but all is well)
Total Run time = 46:07 (7:25 pace) which is my new 10k pr.
Total Time = 2:00:20
17th in my age group

Sunday we volunteered to escort the pros for drug testing. This ended up being pretty fun and interesting. We were able to be right in the finishing shoot when they crossed. As soon as they had all their pictures taken and caught their breath we were to read them their rights! or read them some rules on what would happen the next 60 minutes. We basically had to stalk our assigned athlete until they made their way to the doping room (we were to lead them there). They had 60 minutes to get there and had to be watched the entire time (incase they wanted to drink something that would skew the drug test results). I was assigned 2nd place male which ended up being Timothy O’Donnell. He was a cool cat.
Cathlene was assigned 1st place female which ended up being Samantha McGlone.
We also got to meet Terenzo Bozzone, Chris Lieto and Heather Fuhr.

Chris Lieto on the run
Terenzo Bozzone on the run
Terenzo on the left, Tim, then me.


DevinBrown said...

That's a very impressive run pace, Jeremy. I've never run that fast on a 10k as part of a triathlon. Also, it's great that you got to meet the pros like that. While you were escorting those guys to the tent, I was probably still finishing up the ride.

Jamie said...

Solid race man! Well done.

That is pretty cool that they have volunteers man the drug testing, but I'm sorta surprised that they didn't have some USADA folks there. It sounds like it could be pretty easy to help a pro mess with the results if they really wanted.

Either way, really cool that you got to hang out at the finish line. I'm totally putting my name in for that job next time I volunteer at a big race!

Holden said...

Nice race and report. They didn"t put a run in place of the swim. I've seen events do that when they have to cancel the swim. That also helps avoid the TT style start. Solid ride and run.

BikeZen aka Michael

Brybrarobry said...

To bad about the swim, that's a bummer. Great bike and run times though.