Tuesday, April 6, 2010

March Totals

a few days late but whatever... I'm king of d trees. Wrote this a few days ago. Just now posting. Busy busy.

So another month has gone by.. On to April.  

Ironman is less than 3 months out, less than 13 weeks, less than 90 days…  I think Im getting there.  Im pretty confident I will finish the race which is my main goal.  I can’t go in to this race expecting to have a super fast finishing time.  Too much can happen and I’ve never been through it before.  But that doesn't mean I don’t have a time I’m trying to finish under... besides 17hrs.  So between now and then all I can do is keep piling on the miles, follow my plan to a “T” and hopefully it will all come together in June.  I will use any extra time I have to get in more hours of training but ensure myself to not overtrain.  I must get to the lake shore uninjured and healthy…

March Totals:

Swim = 33,200 yards, 11.17 hours

Bike  = 509.33 miles, 35.74 hours

Run = 103.08 miles, 16.68 hours

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DevinBrown said...

Those are some impressive numbers, J