Sunday, May 30, 2010

May Totals

Wowza Im putting up "May totals" which means this is JUNE, well tomorrow is June.. Call me captain obvious cuz Im cool like that...I had a pretty good month and put in some decent numbers. My legs feel it too. Im still feeling strong and ready for the big day. Finished another 18+ hour week last week. Ill do it again this week and then one last push with a 20 hour week including my last century ride..

Nerves are getting to me and Im pretty sure Im being a little difficult to live with at the time. ;) Good thing Cathlene loves me. Im moody, tired, hungry, tired, freaking out, tired, and tired. and mostly hungry and tired together. But I still have time to enjoy my beer or rum. Good thing is this is all NORMAL.. So dont freak on me. Supposly everyone racing CDA is getting a little wirey (wirey, did I make that up?). Staying motivated can be difficult but ive found the best thing to do is not give myself any other options besides working out. Its what I do, kinda like breathing... So on the way home from work when I never feel like stopping by the pool I just do it. Just Do It, like Nike. Nike Air Jordans. There are no other options. none, zip. and if I do skip out Im just doing myself more harm and could potentially be disapointing everyone rooting for me. Im a little delirious so if this makes no sense at all please forgive me. Im tired, hungry tired and delirious.

Swim = 29,582 Yards (9.82 hours)

Bike = 602.17 Miles (40.32 hours)

Run = 112.62 Miles (17.03 hours)

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