Monday, May 17, 2010

Silverlake (sprint) / 20 hour week

Silverlake (sprint) Triathlon/20 hour week

I finished my first 20 hour week last week!! Im so stoked and feel pretty fricking amazing considering all the training… Thanks to Shannon I received a free entry into the triathlon on Sunday but I also had my first 100 mile ride scheduled for this day. So I did what any triathlete would do, signed up for the race and moved my 100-miler to the day beforeJ.

To throw another twist in things, Saturdays weather forecast called for rain, and lots of it… For once the weather man was dead on. Devin and I met with a group from our local Tri club to do a 55 mile loop where we would ride with them the first loop and do the second loop on our own. Well to keep things short, we rode for 6 hours 54 minutes in the pouring rain where at times you couldn’t see the road (not safe at all and probably stupid on our part) but dangit we didn’t stop… We only got lost once on the second loop and didn’t have too many close calls with the traffic. 114 miles at 16.5 MPH pace… I did a 2 mile transition run right off the bike and felt great. I was tired and my neck, geez, my neck is/was sore but overall I felt goooood and freaking stoked!

Sunday came around and I was tired and a bit sore. It was hard to wake up but I made myself (with a little help from Cathlene). Wetsuit Legal! Got to transition with 15 minutes to set up. Racked my bike in a fire ant bed, beat the ants off me, moved my bike to the end of the rack, set back up in 5 minutes…

Swim 400 meters: I started to the outside front of the wave and when the gun went off I jumped right out in front (after cutting my toe on something in the mud). I felt good the entire swim and led the wave for the first 200meters.. A 12 year old passed me and I tried to draft off him but he pulled on ahead. No problems in the swim and I came out of the water 3rd in my age group. (BTW that 12 year old finished 2nd….OVERALL!)(edit-the kid was 14 but looked 12 in the water,,lol, and finished 4th overall,, who knows if hes the one who zoomed by me)

Swim time: 7:38 (1:44/100 yard pace)

T1: Was fast and easy. Shoes already clipped in, wetsuit off, helmet on, grab bike and go.

T1 time: 1:21

Bike 10 miles: The bike hurt. I was only passed by two guys and I re-passed one of the guys in T2. My legs were dead on the bike. Quads were hurting and it was hard to push. Around mile 7 they really started to feel dead.

Bike time: 27:53 (21.5 MPH)
T2: Good dismount, racked bike, helmet off, shoes on, grabbed hat and race # and go. Beat a guy in my AG out of T2.

T2 time: 0.49

Run 3 miles: Right from the start I had a guy running on my heels. I kept thinking he was going to pass but he never made his move. So then I thought maybe he was fading and I could push him too hard. Didn’t happen and I had an eerie feeling that he was in my age group… I found out at mile 2 when he picked up the pace and put a small gap in between us. I tried to close in but I could only hold my own. He’s the only person who passed me on the run and I pulled him most of the way. (I bet he got a good night’s rest and didn’t ride 114 miles the day before)…

Run time: 20:10 (6:43 pace)

Total time: 57:54

4th in age group

20th overall

I finished off the day with a 2 hour trainer ride to break 20 hours.

Im disappointed that I didn’t podium but I’m pretty happy with my results. I can’t expect to have a great race to cap off a 20 hour week with my first century ride mixed in. I can’t expect to, but that doesn’t mean I don’t WANT to! This week and weekend was a big confidence booster with Ironman coming up. I feel strong and good about where I’m at with my training. I know I have put in the time for Ironman and I still have 3 good weeks to put in some more. I have my nutrition figured out and I’m very confident that unless something major happens, I will finish within the allotted time.


Austin said...

Wow dude. This was a good race on a normal day, but the day after a century+ ride? Shit! Awesome.

Kat said...

Congrats on a HUGE week! I think 57:xx is still pretty darn good considering you rode further than I ever have just 24 hours before! Keep up the work - the awesome party, or the icing on this cake, is just around the corner.

Philip LaVoie said...