Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Final Push For Ironman CDA

So I wrapped up my last week of hard training this past weekend. This was by far the hardest week of training since I started back in October. I went into Monday with a huge week just before including a 100 mile ride and 18 mile run, not to mention our air conditioner went out on Saturday. No AC in the Houston heat is pretty dang tough. So I had to deal with 4 different days of AC repairman coming out to try and fix the problem this week and it took them 7 days. So we were without AC for 7 days in 90+ degree heat. Boooooo. I was not a happy camper. And “camper” is how I felt with all the fans and sleeping downstairs on a blowup mattress etc, etc… Trying to stay motivated during this was tough. Then Thursday I took off work feeling sick and sleepy and just worn out. About mid-day I received a horrible phone call that a family member was in a tragic accident and didn’t make it. I don’t want to go into details. I was ready to pack up, head to my parents and start my taper a few days early. Nothing mattered but being with my family.
Cathlene got home later that evening and informed me that she and Shannon had been planning on dinner with some great friends. Phil and Kate were flying in Friday from NY to surprise me and push me through my final hard weekend of training. This totally made my day when she told me. Emotions were out of control this week. I was pissed about the AC, sad about the family tragedy and then happy that I have friends that care that much about me. After Phil and Kate got in we took them to Beavers and had some good TX BBQ and Firemans #4. Then Phil informed me that I didn’t get a rest day just because they came in, we were running today. Geez if I wouldof realized that maybe I would have held off on all the beer! I took Phil on a route that showed him a good bit of my everyday training runs. We left the house through areas where the Marathon course went, to Memorial park around the 3 mile loop, out through a portion of the MTB trails and then back down San Felipe to the house. Ended up getting in just under 12 miles.

That night we met up with FKN Doug and Shannon at Chuys to have Mexican food and drink more beer. I was informed that Phil was here to ride with Devin and I on my last long ride Saturday morning. Phil would ride my Javelin and we were staying out at Shannons parents house that night and rolling out the next morning. Her parents live basically on the same loop we normally ride out near Fulshear so it was nice not to have to drive that morning. Devin arrived around 7, Shannon and Phil went to Chick Fil A earlier to grab breakfast and we rolled out around 7:20. We had a great ride with some really tough wind. I struggled to not get dropped on the way back in. We got in 58 miles and that was plenty for me. Devin headed home (acting like he wouldn’t see me again before the race); Phil and I drank more beer then headed to BWW for wings, beer and the USA vs England soccer game.

Many beers later around 4pm we headed back to Shannons parents place. On the way in the neighborhood Phil said “hey I was told that you should read all of the signs”… haha this was awesome; someone else on the SAME street was having an Ironman party! Wait, they are team Webb too! CRAZY.. And who is this guy with the same name!? Walked in the door and of course I blamed everything on my wing man,,, “Phil got me drunk”. Then I started seeing some of my friends sitting around, they were like “Heeeyyyy, surprise, your uhh early”.. Apparently we were 30 minutes early and Phil can’t read Texas time. I was so stoked, more friends started arriving and the party started. I couldn’t believe all these guys/gals were here in support of my first Ironman. Im still smiling about the whole night and I can’t describe that feeling of having all my closest friends there for me. That truly means a lot to me and I will carry that night with me to the finish line. I feel so blessed to have this much support… It was a great night with lots of beer and plenty of good times to reminisce on for many years. I can’t thank everyone who showed up enough. You guys ROCK.

Special thanks to Shannon for starting/planning the weekend, Cathlene for dealing with my training blues over the months and still wanting to throw me a party and not throw me in the bayou behind the party house, Phil and Kate for going out of their way to fly in for the weekend just to send me off, Devin for going on many training rides with me, and all my family and friends that came to the party or are coming straight to Idaho next week and of course God and little baby Jesus or big Jesus with a suit and tie on. So many to thank and so many have supported me.

So that’s how the final weekend push went. I feel so much better about my race. All the work is in the bag and I’m just in cruise control until 7am on June 27th. I’ve put a lot of miles and hours in for this race. Training started at the end of October 09 and I got a good plan to work with starting in January of this year. Being coached was nice and having someone there to answer my questions was good but I’m not sure I got what I expected. I’ve been an athlete all through HS and I kinda expected a coach to act more like that, more personal etc. I got a great plan, learned a lot and don’t believe I would do things much different. I feel ready for my race. I am ready… Bring it! SHAKE n’ BAKE!And were off (didnt know Cathlene was taking this pic)
Signs the girls made

Ironman cookie cake (nothing wrong with some cake every now and then)
Lets get this party started! (beer noodle bongs for everyone!)



klavoie said...

You are going to rock it. I have no doubt in my mind. Try and enjoy the day. And kiss Cat's butt every chance you get! xoxo we'll be watching on Sunday.

Philip LaVoie said...

Awe shucks man. ;) was great to come down and be part of the last push. Always a good time seeing you guys, and a very big Thanks to all the ladies for doing all the sneaky leg-work.

Amy (@2for1) said...

Jeremy, you're going to rock the shit out of Coeur d'Alene! I'm excited for you and can't wait for the report.
Good luck, fool!!! ;-)