Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Headed Out

Im just about all packed up and ready to go.. This has been pretty nerve racking trying to get everything together, hoping I dont forget anything. I cant wait to get there and get in some short workouts. Mostly ready to check out the freezing water temp but also excited to be going from the TX heat (95+) to about 75 for the high. The forecast for race day has changed so much so Im not sure what to expect. Its mostly been looking pretty good though. Im prepared for anything.

Been looking forward to this for so long. Im already loving the excitement and whatdayaknow, Ironman TEXAS should be announced TODAY! Looks like I will be signing up for another Ironman before I even do my first one. Im thinking they will announce and then open up registration Saturday or so right before CDA to give people the opportunity to figure out which one they would like to do next year. So Im ready to drop the $550+ for registration... If all goes according to plan, IMTX will be a HUGE event for some friends and I. Already tons of friends are saying they will be here to race... IMTX will be EPIC. EPIC I SAY!!! Be there! ;)

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Adam Beston said...

I know Linsey Corbin and when she races she takes some tube socks and cuts them to use as arm warmers for the first 30 of the bike and then drops them. Can be cold for the first couple hours. Good luck!