Friday, July 16, 2010

June Totals

June was wrapped up with Ironman Coeur d'Alene. Totals were a little low but that was expected. I took a few days/almost 2 weeks completely off from training after Ironman and just started back to training everyday this week. I'm starting back easy and slow as I tried to hammer a run the other day and was reminded that I shredded my knees just a couple weeks ago. ITBS came back but with some rest and easy runs I should be back at my 1 hour runs soon. My next target is Longhorn 70.3 on October 17... I talked Cat into making this our anniversary trip since 2yrs for us will be that Monday :). It should be fun and I'm really ready to put this race in the books. Time to start over. I'm a new guy now, I've got an Ironman logo on my truck ;) So look out Longhorn, Ima bout to make you my.....

June training totals:
Swim - 25,825 yards
Bike - 462 miles
Run - 88.41 miles

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