Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Austin/Longhorn 70.3 Game Plan

So I'm finally racing my first half Ironman this weekend and I wasn't sure how to approach it. Should I hold back on the swim and bike to guarentee Ill be able to "run" the run or should I just throw the hammer down and see when I end up on my face? I've talked it over with Cathlene and my buddy Phil and they both seem to think what I'm thinking, balls to the wall baby! This race means a lot to me and I'm going to finish, I just may not have a stellar race.
I had a great swim last week, 2500 yards at 1:38/100 so I'm hoping I can do close to the same Sunday. Ill be stoked to finish in 37 mins though. Last year I did the bike portion of the Longhorn relay and averaged just over 19mph.. That kicked off my IM training... I'm going to try and hold 20mph this year. Now the run, who knows what will happen. Sub 2hrs will be ok with me but I won't be happy. BUT if I hammer everything before I get to the run will I even be able to run. We will see. If I start feeling like I'm gonna blow up on the bike I'll probably scale back a bit so I can run. I refuse to DNF this race.
Let's shoot for sub 5:30 and see where I fall. It should be fun and the weather forecast looks good.

I've also heard some rumors that Lance Armstrong may race or make an appearance. Wouldn't THAT be cool!

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