Thursday, November 4, 2010

Longhorn/Austin 70.3

Finished! 5:46:16
Swim - 38:55
Bike - 2:48:41
Run - 2:11:10

Race morning I skipped coffee.  I’ve felt that it makes me too jittery and my adrenaline is already high enough without caffeine.  Instead I opted just for my normal Hornet Juice and some water.  Ate half a Chic Fil A chicken biscuit and banana. I had stayed with some relatives so Cathlene myself and my cousin got up and left their house around 5:15.  Parking was a pain as normal but we eventually got in and the bussing to the lake was fast and efficient.  Got my bike ready then waited for the start.  This was another race where I would have a lot of support. 3 cousins, aunt and uncle, sister, Cat, and Devin and his wife were all there.  Kathleen (former Houston Racing Prez) was also there volunteering.  It’s always good to see familiar faces.
I lined up on the outside about 3 deep in my wave.  I ended up staying wide and away from the crowd most of the race.  This was nice to not be in the mix of things getting beat up but Im pretty sure I added yardage to my swim.  The only problems I had during the swim was a side stitch about 1/3 of the way and then toward the end my shoulder started giving out on me.  Came out of the water feeling good and hearing people yelling my name.  
1.2 mile swim = 38:55 (2:01/100m)
Transition went well, wetsuit stripper, ran up the long grassy hill to my bike, stuffed wetsuit into bag, race belt on, helmet on, glasses on then off to the mount line. A few people blocking the mount line but I made my way around and hopped on my bike.
T1 = 2:47
I started out the bike feeling great but gave myself a few miles before I really started hammering.  The first part of the course has some rolling hills then it flattens out a bit, the road conditions get worse then better and back to a few rolling hills.  Around mile 40 my legs quit on me.  Just like that I could barely hold 19mph.  They were screaming for me to stop. Felt some cramping coming on so I downed some water and inhaled electrolyte pills. It was starting to heat up and the wind started to blow.  I wasn’t sure my legs would work if I made it to T2. 
56 mile bike = 2:48:41 (19.9 mph)
Stretched a bit in transition, put on my socks, took my time to get prepared for the next 2 hours. Ran out and saw all the family and friends.
T2 = 4:43
I started off feeling really good on the run. I was holding sub 8min miles for the first 1.5 miles or so. Then the hills started putting a hurt on me. They never seemed to stop. Half of the course looped around the park and took you off-road. My pace slowed way down running through the grass. It was a two loop course and I finished the first loop right around an hour. It started to heat up and the hills started to hurt worse. I found myself walking a lot more on the second loop along with some cramping. Made it to the finish and saw everyone there that was supporting me. Was really hard to hold back tears seeing everyone. I felt a lot of memories from this race but now I can put Longhorn in the bag. I am done. It only took me three years but I came back, just this time I wasn't on the sideline wearing a neck brace cheering for my sister. This time Jennifer was on the sideline, pregnant, with Cat and the family, cheering for me. Love the support. Love my family and friends.
13.1 mile run = 2:11:10 (10:01 pace)

Total = 5:46:16
812 overall
119 age group

I'll take it. Wish I couldof held it together on the run. The hills killed me and it didn't help going all out on the bike. That was the plan though. It taught me a lot. This season taught me a lot. Man do I love this lifestyle. Can't wait to punish myself again...

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