Thursday, November 11, 2010

October Totals

October was not a very impressive month. I cut way back right after Longhorn and don't plan on starting back to any consistent training until December or maybe January after the holidays. I plan on getting in some weight training for a few weeks and then slowly rebuild. I need to get my run mileage up pretty quick since I'm running the Disney half and then plan on pacing my friend Devin the last 20 miles of his 100 mile run in February.

October Totals:
Swim = 6,864 yards
Bike = 167.86 miles
Run = 82.22 miles

On another note my wife, Cathlene, recently finished her first 50k trail run. I'm so stoked for her. It's awesome to see her complete something this big and I know she won't stop at 50k.

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