Friday, January 21, 2011

Disney World Half Marathon

Disney World turned out a lot cooler than I expected. But we also had the coolest people to hang with while there and I can’t wait to go back. Cathlene and I arrived Thursday before the race (on Saturday) and met up with Phil , Kate, Samantha and Dave. Before you knew it we were all shacked up in the Dickers room drinking mini keg beer out of cups. That was Monday (I think) after the race so let me start back on Thursday. We all had dinner and a few drinks that night to make for an interesting Friday morning. Packets were picked up Friday and we hit the parks breaking me in with the “it’s a small world” ride… Friday night Cat and I found our pre-race meal in one of the parks and had chicken strips and a chicken fried chicken sandwich with fries (it sounded good at the time and really set well with my stomach on race day).
Saturday morning we were up at 3am and on the magic bus to the race start by 3:45am. Met up with Sam while Phil and Kate were stuck in traffic on their magic bus. They finally made it, Kate found the girls and I found Phil at the entrance to our corral.
The first few miles were pretty crowded and right off the bat stupid people that started in the first corral were walking. I have no problem with walkers but if you know you’re gonna walk, start in the proper corral, that’s what they are there for. At first I thought we were going out way too fast. I didn’t think I would be able to handle the pace but as we kept charging I keep feeling the same,,, good. It was awesome running with Phil. That dude pushed me hard. Around mile 10 he looked at me and said “you know you’re going to set a new PR right?” He dropped me on a couple hills (overpasses) but would slow down and let me catch back up then kept on pulling. It was a great feeling passing the 1:40 pace group with about a mile to go. I didn’t have any goals coming to this race and we kinda set some while running. I was thinking it would be awesome to break 1:40 as my current PR was around 1:42. The weather was perfect and the course was flat. This set us up for a great run. I ignored my heart rate and pace and just ran hard. Our splits were awesome and the final mile ran sub 7. We both finished at 1:37:33 grabbed our medals, pictures, hydration then met Phils parents and waited for the ladies to finish.
We were both worried about the girls since they said they were under-trained or injured but they all finished together with no issues. Big congratulations to Kate for kicking butt in her first half marathon!! Had an awesome time hanging out with these kids and can’t wait to do it again next year. Rumor has it we are running the full marathon, and possibly doing the goofy challenge…HiiiiiiiHoooooo!

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