Thursday, February 17, 2011

NOLA Half Marathon

This past Sunday Cathlene and my parents made the trip out to NOLA to watch my uncle run his first marathon. We were planning on running but finally gave in and Cat and I signed up for the half. I needed to train that weekend anyway. We got there around 1pm Saturday, met up with my aunt and uncle, picked up our packets and hit up some local bars. I wanted to enjoy New Orleans so I didnt hold back to much on the alcohol. I didnt drink a lot but we definitely had a few.

Sunday morning came around and I was feeling pretty good. Walked our way about 2 miles to the start with Cat and my parents. Gave them all shake n bake knuckle bumps and headed to my corral. The weather was perfect and the course was flatter than Disney. The only problem was the road conditions, geez they were uneven and had lots of pot holes. No big deal though. I wanted to hold sub 7:25 pace and started off doing that pretty well. Without Phil, I wasnt sure I would be able to run as fast as we did at Disney. It wasnt until mile 9 when I fell above 7:25. I was ahead of the Disney PR though so I just tried to hold it together. Kept the next few miles under 7:35 and finished strong in 1:37:32 a ONE second PR over Disney! Haha consistent.

7:26 pace
345th overall
50th in age group

We had a great time in NOLA. Went back later to watch my uncle finish. Thats what its about. Was so cool seeing him cross the finish line.... Congratulations uncle Greg!!

Me (far left) Cat (right pic, left) with my uncle (right)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Totals

I haven’t found a pool so my swim suffered in January. Biking has been strictly on the trainer due to the convenience but I plan on starting some weekend long rides this month. Slowly ramping up on running. Still doing P90X every now and trying to get in the 15 minute Ab ripper every other day to help with my core. My weekdays have been going really well except for the swim. Weekends have been really busy with working and still trying to get settled in the new house on top of volunteering for races and racing. Last Sunday we volunteered at the Houston Marathon, This Sunday morning I am pacing Devin for the last 20 miles of his first 100 and then trying to get enough sleep to stay awake during Superbowl. The next weekend we will be in New Orleans for the marathon weekend where my uncle is running his first marathon and Cathlene and I will be running the half. Two weeks after that we have the Rodeo Run 10K.

January Totals:

Swim – 4,600 yards

Bike – 212.98 miles

Run – 55.21 miles