Friday, March 4, 2011

Rodeo Run 10k

Had a pretty good 10k. Ran the first 5k with my friend Mauricio who ran a 3:25 San Antonio marathon. He had a good bit left in the tank so I told him to shift gears. We were holding right at 7 minute miles and I felt like this is all I could manage. I tried to keep him in my sights but mile 5 we came back up an overpass and I slowed down to 7:25 for that mile. Picked it back up and finished pretty strong one minute behind Mauricio.

7:05 pace
25th in age group
163rd overall

Its cool to see my progress over the years of this race. Ive ran it every year since 2005 except 2007 when I destroyed my ITbands and tried to fight that suburban on my bike.
The following are my times over the years:

2005 = 51:48 (8:21 pace)
2006 = 51:23 (8:16 pace)
2008 = 49:23 (7:56 pace)
2009 = 48:02 (7:43 pace)
2010 = 47:21 (7:37 pace)
2011 = 44:07 (7:05 pace)

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