Saturday, April 2, 2011

IMTX Training Weekend

Last weekends training was flipping awesome! Friday I took half the day off to pick up the LaVoie's from the airport. Phil was coming in to check out the IMTX bike course and get some good training in, in some heat. The temps were decent but really not hot enough for what May will bring but that dude will be fine.
As soon as they arrived I took took them to Freebirds for some fuel before our swim. good idea? bad idea? probably bad, I'm known to make bad ideas. So from there we head to Dads Club to swim in the outdoor pool, something Phil doesn't get to experience much in NY. Kate decided to jump in with us. Phil and I started off and swam about 2500 yards (for a warmup?). Decided then to swim 5 X 100s at a 1:20 pace, then 2 X 200s easy and 6 X 50s as hard as we could. Finished up with a cool down to knock out 4100 yards in about 1:07 (total swim time for me)... BOOM!
From the pool we met up with Shannon, had a few beers at the house and then went to Cathlene's boys playoff soccer game where we met up with my sister and nephew. After the game I took everyone to meet my buddy Jesus at a local TXMex place where we grubbed out and drank margaritas out of plastic boots.
Saturday morning Phil and I picked up Devin and headed out to The Woodlands to ride the IM course where we met up with 5 others. We had some studs in the group, including Phil, and they pulled us around averaging about 21-22mph the first 50 miles. We hit 100 miles right at 5 hours and I hit the wall. I couldn't make my legs move fast enough to keep up with the group so I fell back and tried to hold 18mph. We ended up getting in 110 miles on the course (including some detours that were not apart of the course) in 5:37, 19.5mph.
We decided not to brick the ride and headed to Freebirds. Beer and burritos after a long hard ride were perfect. From there Cat and Kate took Phil and I to Cats school to ice down our legs. The rest of the day we just kicked it, met Shannon again for mexican food, and crashed out early.
Sunday morning Devin met Phil and I for a quick 7 miler from the house. I was surprised our legs felt as good as they did and we finished with a 7:39 pace.
We finished off the weekend with Migas and beer!
Had an awesome weekend! Who needs to pay hundreds of dollars to train with friends for a weekend when we can throw our own camp? I see many more training weekends in the future. I'm hoping we can make it up to NY some time this summer for one and Devin and I always talk about heading out to west TX for some training.

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Philip LaVoie said...

Awesome weekend! thanks to you guys for being the hostesses with the mostesses. So much fun!