Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lonestar 70.3

Now known as Ironman 70.3 Texas.

Im starting to learn something about goals and this long distance Ironman stuff. They are nice to have but all goes out the window as soon as the gun goes off.

I had a decent race last weekend and am pretty proud of the results. I just wish everything could click for me on race day. Had great support and that always pushes me a little harder. Saturday night my family shared a double bed hotel room. Family as in Cat, mom, dad, sister, niece, and 2 nephews. Was up at 3:30 ready to race! Had half a chicken biscuit, banana and some coffee for breakfast.

The swim felt great! The water was cold enough for age group wetsuits but the pros were unable to wear theirs. Anyways, within the first 100 yards some punk punches me in the face and one eye fills with water. Rolled over on my back, drained it and kept on going. I felt really good the entire swim except for my shoulder. It started getting pretty tired toward the end of the swim but I was able to hold a steady pace. I think my wetsuit puts a little more stress on the shoulder since I dont really experience this in the pool. Came out of the water in 39:17, a lot slower than I expected but Ill take it.

T1 - 2:24 - skipped the wetsuit strippers. Shoes already clipped in. No problems.

The bike was pretty awesome. Started out with a cross/head wind going out and I hammered pretty hard. I felt really good and held my MPH over 20 until the last 5 miles or so when wind really started slapping you around. I felt my 88mm wheels were great in these conditions. It only took one close call when I grabbed my water bottle and the wind almost blew me off the road. Held on tight after that. Made it to the turnaround and everything got quiet, ahhh nice, the tailwind I was hoping for. Averaged 19.16MPH on the way out and 21.76 on the way back.
Finished the bike in 2:44:54.
T2 - 1:43 - nutin to it.

The first mile of the run I knew it was going to be a long tough one. I couldnt find my pace and having some aches. First my quads cramped up... that went away after popping some endurolytes but then my stomach started feeling full. I was thirsty but didnt want the water or anything else to go in. This never really went away. Due to my quads cramping my IT bands started getting screwy. It wasnt until about mile 10 so I was able to still run without too much pain. The four loop run went like this: 28:14 (8:37), 31:01 (9:28), 34:18 (10:28), 36:29 (11:08). Finished in 2:10. No where near where I should be but oh well, this is all part of training and learning for IMTX.
Swim - 39:17
Bike - 2:44:54 - 20.4 MPH
Run - 2:10:02 - 9:55 pace
Total - 5:38:20
Age group - 44
Overall - 581

Had a great time! Cant wait for IMTX!


2for1 said...

You're going to do great at IMTX!! Otherwise, I told you, I'll bring that "special" gun....

Jamie said...

Awesome splits man! Way to get work done.