Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tejas Triathlon (Colmesneil, TX)

A first year sprint triathlon held in Colmesneil TX at a small Lake Tejas (400m swim, 13 mile bike, 3.1 mile run). Very back woods, nice area that felt just like home. It helped to know half the field competing and probably 80% were first timers. 46 people showed up to race including my brother in law Jake, good friend Mauiricio and life long friend Wiley. It was all their first triathlon and I felt pretty special to be a part of it.

The start was at noon so we had time to drive from my parents house to the race. I thought the noon start was pretty cool and it was perfect timing to see how I dealt with the heat.. Heat? what heat.

Wore my wetsuit in the swim and felt pretty good. I swear the sleeves restrict my shoulder just enough to tire out my bad arm. The swim was longer than expected. I say it was around 600m instead of the planned 400m. The RD thought it was long also. I got a good jump on the swim and stayed in about 3rd the whole way out and was passed by one guy coming back in. So Im 4th in to transition, and 4th out. No big deal. Transition went really smooth except for the sandy transition area and gravel that we had to run out over before mounting the bike.
The bike was hill after hill after hill. The hilliest bike course I have ridden. They werent huge but the ride never flattened out. I passed the first 2 guys ahead of me within the first 2 miles and could see the next one about 1/4 mile up ahead. This whole time I had no idea what place I was in so I was hammering trying to get the next guy. I caught and passed him around mile 8 and kept looking for the next one. Made one turn onto a straightaway of rollers and I couldnt see anyone ahead of. DANG someone must be super fast! Made the last turn and the cop "truck" (of course it was a cop truck, cop cars suck) passed me, threw on his flashers and escorted me in to transition. I was thinking, umm, maybe Im first? maybe not, maybe they are doing this since there is such a big gap. Rolled into transition racked the bike and I was off on the 3 loop run course.
I noticed there werent any other bikes racked but I still had a bad feeling that someone could be ahead of me. It wasnt until the second place guy came in did I realize I could coast and still win. The second loop I finally asked some friends working the water station how far back was second, They said at least half a lap back. I brought my pace down to a more comfortable feel and really enjoyed the last loop. The run course was three loops around the lake on a dirt/sand road. Not the best running surface but we all had to deal with it. It was a great feeling coming in the finishing shoot. The RD announced me crossing the line in 1:10:36, first place overall. Second place came in about 4 minutes after.
I had a great time cheering on my friends and seeing them compete in their first. Had some good times and it was awesome doing a "hometown race" and seeing how much endurance sports have grown in East TX. I was great having my mom and Cathlene there to support me. I think I made them proud :)


Philip LaVoie said...

winner winner chicken dinner! love the photos!

Jamie said...

Way to go triathlon CHAMPION.