Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tejas Triathlon (Sugarland, TX...sprint)

June 5th I raced in the Tejas Triathlon in Sugarland... 600 yard swim, 11 mile bike, 3 mile run. This year they changed up the bike course to one and a half loops. Other than that it was the same ol same ol.

I went solo to this race since Cat just had her surgery on her foot. Arrived really early and got a great spot on the rack (open racks). Got everything set up and then went off to be by myself and watch the sunrise over the lake.

It wasn't much later and I was chest deep in the water waiting for the gun to go off. Nerves weren't too bad this go round... The gun goes off. I found myself in the middle of the front of the pack being pushed and slapped around a little. I say pushed and slapped because it felt nothing like the IMTX swim two weeks ago. I would get hit then the guy would kinda back off. I thought I could use this to my advantage and started swimming a lot more aggressive than normally. Throwing bows, fists, kicking nuts, grabbin balls, you name it. I don't think it helped much because I didn't post an amazing swim time or anything.
Swim - 11:00? ( I'm not sure on the time because they have my swim and T1 time lumped together = 12:21)

T1 - 1:21? good transition, no problems.

I started from the get go hammering the hell outa the bike. Never really caught any rest from the swim and Im sure my HR was red-lining (just as planned). Passed two guys drafting and I couldnt keep my mouth shut about the guy sucking wheel (said a few choice words with him as I passed). Jerkface. No one passed me on the bike. Had the 3rd fastest bike split in my age group but we all know the race doesnt end at T2 ;)
Bike - 30:14 (21.8 MPH)

T2 - 0:31 (fastest T2 in my age...how you say...BOOM)

Felt really sluggish on the run, partially due to pushing too hard on the bike and probably due to 140.6 miles two weeks before but Im not out to make excuses. I think 3 guys passed me during the run (one of which was in my age group, and wearing freaking vibrams - shoot me). I started to feel better after the first mile and picked up the pace on mile 2 and 3. It still wasnt good enough to hold off the guy behind me. He passed me within 1/2 mile to the finish. Jokes on him because he got 4th place which put me in 5th and everyone knows how bad I hate 4th place... hahahaha loser.
Run - 21:19 (7:06 pace) I should be running sub 7 min miles. Gotta get this figured out (without slowing down on the bike).

Swim + T1 - 12:21
Bike - 30:14 (21.8 mph)
T2 - 0.31
Run - 21:19 (7:06 pace)
TOTAL - 1:04:26
5th in age group
44th overall

The plan now is to rest up, get my run faster, and podium this year while im in the 25-29 age group. No worries if I don't, would just be nice.
Im also thinking about racing Oilman half iron (Ironstar) in November to cap off the racing season...

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