Sunday, January 29, 2012

2012 Ramble

Geez its almost February of 2012... Ive still been training, mostly running and a little bit of cycling. I've been to the pool once this year. Swam 2200yrds in 40mins, ouch. Ran the goofy challenge in Disney this yeah with Phil. He pulled me to a sub 2hr half and sub 4hr full marathon. I was pretty happy with that. Wasn't able to hold together on the full though, cramps at mile 22 then puking at mile 25. Made it though. The next weekend I ran the Houston half marathon in 1:40:xx. Was hoping to run under 1:37 but after 3 miles my quads were screaming and I fell off that pace..

Injuries have still haunted me. I developed some tendonitis in my foot just before Disney. Pretty sure I have it under control. Also woke up last week with some intense hip pain. Still trying to figure that one out. The pounding from running sends some shooting/stabbing pain to the ball joint area of my hip. Hope to figure this out before this weekend as I'm pacing Devin for 20 miles at RR100. On the trainer now trying to get IMTX training under way.

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