Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ironman 70.3 Texas (Lonestar/Galveston)

April 1st, 2012

Need to put my thoughts down on paper before I forget about the race…

Race morning was pretty exciting. I think I was more worried about checking on my two friends (Mauricio & Wiley) racing their first 70.3 than I was about getting ready myself. Also, Lance was racing and I made sure I got to check him out in transition before the start.

I seem to always be rushed at the start of Lonestar. I think I have enough time to get ready but I always find myself running to the dock to get in my age group wave. This year was no different, I made it with plenty of time but felt really rushed. I moved up an age group this year. I am now with the super-fast 30-35 guys. I wasn’t sure where to start in the swim so I stayed a little toward the back. Also, I had been sick all week before the race and my asthma was acting up a lot. I decided to not hammer on the swim and try to stay comfortable. The swim seemed to go off without any issues. I had very little contact with others and felt good the entire time. I thought I was going to be closer to 38-39 minutes out of the water and ended up finishing in 41:52. I’m not too proud of those results but Ill take it.

T1 went off with no issues – 3:00

The bike was an out and back along the seawall/coastline of Galveston. Wind is always an issue so it was expected to fight one way or the other. Nutrition was dead on during the ride and I stayed comfortable the entire time. I wanted to get to the run feeling fresh and able to run the entire half marathon. The wind was a cross/head wind going out and cross/tail coming back. I averaged 18.02 mph the first 28 miles and 20.57 mph the second 28 miles. Finished the bike in 2:54:53 @ 19.21 mph. Slower than last year but I’ll take it.

T2 – 2:00

I started out on the run feeling great. Ran the first 5 or so miles at a sub 8 min pace. I was hoping I could hold this together but I started having to walk the aid stations and slowed my pace significantly. No stomach issues and nutrition seemed perfect. I just got tired. I think my body was just shutting down and was under too much stress being sick the week before. I’m really pleased with the run though. I was able to run a 1:55:33 (8:49 pace) half marathon which was my main goal coming in to this race (to run sub 2hrs).

Overall time – 5:37:18 (about a 1 minute PR)

I’m still learning pacing for this longer distance stuff and think I’ll get it down one day. I never cramped or had any stomach issues so I think my hydration/nutrition is pretty good. I just need to learn how to pace properly. I think Ive got a lot more speed to be unleashed.

Next up is Lake Tejas Tri (sprint) on 04/28/12 and Kemah Sprint Tri on 04/29/12. Then shortly after is IMTX on May 19 where I go “Boom!

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