Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ironman Texas 2012 Video

I don't even know where to start.  This past weekend blew my mind away.
Ironman contacted me before the race asking if I would mind them interviewing me for a video for the banquets.  Of course I agreed and they went on to ask if they could follow me during some of the race for the awards banquet video.  Wow!
My full interview is located on under video on demand and latest videos.  The attached YouTube video is what they call "An Inside Look at Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas 2012".

So it started about 4:15 race morning when we got a knock on the hotel door and in walks Tim, my cameraman...  The night ended with Cat, some friends, Tim, and I sipping champagne at 12:30 after watching the final finishers.
I am featured throughout the video from the start, stretching in the hotel, walking down the hotel hall, in the water, exiting the water, on the run, an excerpt of my interview, and popping bottles like a boss.  This was an honor to be chosen.  Thank you Ironman.  What an awesome experience.

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