Monday, May 27, 2013

Ironman Texas 2013

(May 18, 2013)  I felt very prepared for this race considering my training and coming off a PR at Galveston. I had several 100+ mile rides and 20+ mile runs under my belt this year.  I was pretty excited for this race as it was two of my good friends from my hometown first Ironman race (Mauricio and Wiley).  Mauricio and I went to HS together and ended up becoming good friends and training partners throughout and after college.   Wiley is a life long friend/neighbor I grew up with.  He contributed to my name "worm" (aka gusano).

Quick run down...
We all three met up the Friday before the race for the practice swim and hung out a bit after.  Wiley and I (along with our wifes) went to eat some pasta that night.  My parents and Cat surprised me at the hotel with one of my nephews (Trevor) and niece (Ariel).  The alarm went off at 3:30am and I was up roaming around the hotel room by 3:45am.  Had some coffee and my chickfila chicken biscuit then started making our way to transition to prep my bike.

No major issues getting my bike ready then I tried to find Wiley and Mauricio.  Wiley had already left transition then I found Mauricio.  He was a bit nervous so I tried to help out and get him out of transition.  We finished up with his bike and found my family to make the 1 mile walk to the swim start.  There we checked our special needs bags and met up with Wileys wife.  Before we knew it, it was time to head to the water with about 10 mins til 7am.

Mauricio and I started off to the far right of the buoys where we could stand and rest instead of tread water. That worked out for me last year and I dont think there is a better place for me to start.  The gun went off and the chaos started.  I was able to watch and hang with Mauricio for a bit and then we separated and I eventually found open water.  I swam to the right the entire course until we hit the canal where it got crazy again.  Nothing major but a slower swim than I expected or wanted.  Made it out in 1:24:18.

 It was already getting pretty hot and humid by the time I got on the bike.  I knew within the first 20 miles this was going to be a scorcher.  This ended up being the hottest IMTX and hottest weekend we have experienced since last October.  So no one was really acclimated to the heat.  Had a great tailwind on the way out and turned to come back in to town with a good headwind (all as expected).  The bike was pretty tough and I found myself stopping at the last few aid stations to get ice and extra water.  Had 2-3 electrolyte pills per hour, my chickfila chicken biscuit at the half way point, a sip of perpetuem every 20mins along with water and perform at each aid station. Started using the rear of my tri shorts as an extra water bottle holder (worked out great).  Off the bike in 6:01:31 (18.6 mph).

I felt decent starting the run and tried to keep my pace around 9 min miles.  I usually start off around 8:30s (too fast) but made an effort to hold back.  It wasnt very hard to hold back and I knew then my run wasnt going to set any records.  I walked through every aid station to cool off and to get as much fluid into me as possible.  Tried to keep a steady pace and managed mostly only to walk the aid stations.  Nothing is greater on the run course than seeing smiling family and friends.  I got so motivated and excited each loop as I saw everyone there to cheer me on.  That really keeps me coming back.  The crowds were also amazing as always along the waterway.  Such a fun run course.  I suffered, but had a blast! Finished the run in 5:02:57 (11:33 pace).

T1 - 7:20
T2 - 6:34
Finish - 12:42:40

Can't thank my family and friends who came out enough.  I truly wouldn't want to race if I didn't have their support.  And as always, my wife Cathlene for always supporting and being there for me during the race and training.  Shes the best!

Race Update

Ive had a few races since my last post.  Cant remember them all but I wanted to speak to a few and get some thoughts down.  Since the Xterra I raced Bridgeland Sprint Tri, the Jingle Bell 5 Miler, and ran the Disney Marathon with Phil and the girls this year (2013):

(January 12th) I was hoping Disney would give me a good idea of what I could run a full in.  Was hoping in the 3:30s to 3:45 but ended up with 3:55:26.  Pretty bad considering the year before I ran a 3:57 during the goofy challenge.  But, we dont really "rest" at Disney, mostly drink a lot...

(April 7th) Ironman 70.3 Galveston Texas (Lonestar) would be my 4th half ironman and a new PR.  I wore my sleeveless wetsuit for the swim thinking I would be faster with less resistance on my shoulder.  I ended up with an average swim of 40:04.  I think I will wear the full suit next year cause dang it was cold and took a good bit to warm up.  I had a pretty good bike averaging 20.7 for the 56 miles and nutrition seemed to be just right.  On the run I made sure to hold back at first since I normally go out too fast and ended up with a decent even paced run at 1:58 (9:04 pace).  Pretty good for me and I think I could have pushed it harder.  This gave me a new PR of 5:27:11 which gives me something to shoot for next year.

(April 20th) Next up was Lake Tejas Tri... My home town area local race.  This was the third year of the race and it was finally USAT sanctioned.  This brought a few fast folks out and knocked me off the podium significantly.  There were also a ton of HS kids that kicked butt in the swim.  I had a decent swim and bike but a pretty slow run.  It seems that my sprint distance run speed is getting slower but my bike is getting faster.  Maybe Im pushing a lot harder on the bike than I used to..  I finished 7th overall out of 61.  Not bad, but I can do better.

(May 4th) Last casual race before Ironman Texas I ran a local 5k for Cats school (Spring Branch ISD) Run for the Arts 5k.  I started off wayyyy too fast with a 6:17 first mile and suffered the next two.  Was really hoping to break 20mins but that will have to wait.  Finished in 21:07(6:49 pace).